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 Spiritual Abuse and Terrorism Recording
Presented by Boyd C. Purcell PhD BCC

90 minutes (1.5 CE hours)

$55/member; $95/nonmember
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Spiritual abuse is any unhealthy mind-altering relationship with the God of a person's conception which has life-harmful consequences, such as anger, depression, low self-esteem, fear of inadequacy, undue stress, psychopathological health problems, spiritual panophobia or suicidal ideation. The most severe form of spiritual abuse is spiritual terrorism, which may come in many forms - obvious or subtle, covert or overt, active or passive - and may cause critical mental health problems. The common misunderstanding of the symbolic use of fire in sacred texts is a cause of various forms of spiritual abuse and all forms of spiritual terrorism.

Using case studies and research, the presentation will deal openly, honestly and compassionately with the impact of fear-based religion and hell-fire literalism without drawing conclusions about any particular theology, religion, denomination or sect. The webinar is designed to equip chaplains to be more effective in bringing emotional healing to victims of spiritual abuse and terrorism.

The presentation will offer a unique blend of the historical, psychological and theological perspectives in regard to major world religions. This integrative approach provides the greatest probability of understanding the complex problem of the use and misuse of religion, being liberated from fear-based religion, and finding healing for emotions damaged by spiritual abuse/terrorism. Victims of spiritual abuse can develop healthy spirituality within or without the context of religion.

When you purchase this webinar recording, you will receive a PDF file with links to watch the recording and access supplemental materials directly from our website. You'll be able to hear and see the complete presentation, including Q&A with the audience.

Learning Objectives

1. Define spiritual abuse and spiritual terrorism, the most extreme form of spiritual abuse

2. Understand the universality of love and salvation in all major religions and most, if not all, minor ones

3. Cognitively use religious sacred writings, such as the Holy Bible, Koran or Torah, to heal emotions damaged by spiritual abuse

Content level: Intermediate (informal research/clinical applications)


Boyd C. Purcell is a board certified chaplain, national board certified counselor, a licensed professional counselor and an ordained Christian minister, honorably retired from the Presbyterian Church USA. Educationally, he has master of arts degree in counseling, a master of divinity degree in biblical studies, and a doctor of philosophy degree in the integration of psychology and theology. Experientially, Dr. Purcell has over 40 years of ministry in counseling (agency, clinical, pastoral, psychiatric hospital, school, substance abuse, private practice and chaplaincy), providing spiritual care at the end of life for hospice patients.