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 SA1.02 - Meeting Your Hindu and Buddhist Patients, What to Know
Presented by: Seigan Ed Glassing BFA & Joseph Caruso BA
Item Number: CR19-SA1.02
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Price: $30.00
Level: Beginner

Handout included: Yes


? Chaplains will have a deeper sense of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, beliefs and philosophy
? Chaplains will gain practical skills on assisting their patients with chants, use of images and how to set up a shrine
? Chaplains will learn Hindu and Buddhist end-of-life practices

In this presentation, a Hindu and Buddhist chaplain team up to cover the basics on both traditions that were born from the Indian subcontinent. It will teach chaplains unfamiliar with, or who might not have met Hindu or Buddhist patients', the most important things to know before stepping into their room. We will review the main tenets, key philosophy and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism, teach practical skills on mantras, use of images and setting up a small shrine for your patient. Lastly, we will address end-of-life issues, with time at the end for question and answers. This presentation will give you confidence as a chaplain and offer you skills in ministering to your Hindu and Buddhist patients.

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