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 19I1-WR - The Effects of Trauma Exposure on Chaplains
presented by Alexandra Zareth MDiv BCC

90 Minutes (1.5 CE hours)

Free to members until 6/30/2020
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Chaplains are continuously exposed to clients, stories, and conditions that highlight issues of poverty, abuse, pain, loss, anger, and other tragic aspects of life. Research has unveiled the significant physical and mental consequences that trauma work has on caregivers (i.e., obesity, diabetes, chronic exhaustion, ulcers, depression, anxiety, guilt, angry outbursts, post-traumatic stress disorder, vicarious traumatization, compassion fatigue, etc.). For effective caregiving, chaplains must learn of the effects trauma exposure can have on themselves and on their personal relationships. This webinar is a result of the presenter?s significant PhD research and literature review.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify symptoms related to trauma exposure

  • Identify ways in which trauma exposure affects personal relationships.

  • Articulate ways to protect personal relationships from the effects of trauma exposure.

How It Works

When you purchase this webinar recording, you will receive a PDF file with links to watch the recording and access supplemental materials directly from our website. You'll be able to hear and see the complete presentation, including Q&A with the audience. To participate, all that is needed is a computer with Internet access and speakers, as the presentation audio and visuals are "webcast.