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 16I2 - The Art of the Patient's Written Prayer
presented by Gerald L. Jones MA BCC ACPE Supervisor

90 minutes (1.5 CE Hours)
$55/member; $95/nonmember
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This presentation will offer an introduction to connecting with patients through writing prayers together.

Writing out the patient's own words has numerous positive outcomes. First, it demonstrates that the patient has been heard. Second, it validates their feelings. Often they may feel that they are alone and isolated in the way they feel. By writing it down and reading it to them, they may recognize that their feelings are normal and deserve to be heard. With the patient's permission, their shared writing can build a sense of community between the reader and the writer. It is helpful when one can read others' words that echo their own feelings. Third, by inviting family to read their writings, many patients have been able to share their wishes and feelings with family members that they would otherwise have kept to themselves. Fourth, it is a reminder that the patient still has worth and still has something to offer.

Prayer writing is not limited to patients, but has also been used with families as well as a means to connect with staff during stressful times.

Learning Objectives

As a result of this educational opportunity, participants will be able to:
1. Name the applications and benefits of prayer writing with patients.
2. Describe how written prayer can be used as a tool to assess and connect with patients.
3. Understand the ways written prayers have been used with groups and with staff.

Content level: Intermediate - informal research/clinical applications


Gerald Jones MA BCC ACPE Supervisor is the director of Chaplain Services and Clinical Pastoral Education at Sutter Roseville Medical Center, Roseville, CA. He has presented at APC and ACPE educational events, and his writings have appeared in the Journal of Cancer Education, Chaplaincy Today and the book "Professional Spiritual and Pastoral Care" (2011 Skylight Paths Publishing).

How it Works

When you purchase this webinar recording, you will receive a PDF file with links to watch the recording and access supplemental materials directly from our website. You'll be able to hear and see the complete presentation, including Q&A with the audience. To participate, all that is needed is a computer with Internet access and speakers, as the presentation audio and visuals are "webcast."