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 2014 Chaplain Symposium Recordings
presentations by Kathleen Harrington and Rev. Elizabeth Larson ACPE, Jana Troutman-Miller MA BCC and Rev. Ronald Oliver PhD BCC

Three 90-minute presentations (4.5 CE hours)

$115/member; $150/nonmember

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The first presentation, "The Journey to Health Reform and Its Implications for Chaplains," by Kathleen Harrington and Rev. Elizabeth Larson ACPE, looks at the Affordable Care Act and the resultant Accountability Care Organizations, seeking to separate reality and fact from spin and fiction. The second half of this presentation will explore "so what?" for chaplains; how are we impacted directly and indirectly as individuals and a profession?

Kathleen Harrington is the chair of the Division of Government Relations at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. In this role, she oversees a team that develops health policy recommendations, and advocates for Mayo Clinic and its patients at the federal and state levels. Harrington previously spent 25 years in Washington, DC working on health policy issues in a variety of roles.

Rev. Elizabeth "BJ" Larson ACPE is a clinical pastoral education (CPE) supervisor at Fairview Ridges and Fairview Southdale Hospitals in Minneapolis, MN. She also serves as the director of Spiritual Health Services for both facilities. Additionally, she is the system strategic lead for Spiritual Health Services across Fairview Health Services and is the director of Fairview Youth Grief Services.

The second presentation, "HCAHPS 101 for Chaplains: What Is It, Why Is It so Important and How Can Chaplains Make a Positive Impact?" by Jana Troutman-Miller MA BCC, explores the relatively new Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems that impacts acute care settings as a kind of apples-to-apples comparison database available online for all to see. This presentation will describe what it is, how chaplains can have an impact on the scores for their institutions, and other potential implications for chaplaincy care relating to HCAHPS.

Chaplain Jana Troutman-Miller MA BCC has been in health care chaplaincy for over 12 years, where she has served in the areas of acute care, women's health, mental health and addictions, and long-term care. She has presented workshops at the 2010 and 2013 APC annual conferences, and provides education on documentation and spiritual assessment to CPE students and professional chaplains.

The third presentation, "These Changing Times: Integrating Chaplaincy into Hospital Systems and Culture," by Rev. Ronald Oliver PhD BCC, seeks to give chaplains concrete tools that can help them navigate, or even excel, in times of great change and stress for their institutions and systems. This presentation will help chaplains articulate their role within the ever-changing system of health care, and give them tools to not only survive the changes but also potentially expand their role.

Rev. Ronald Oliver PhD BCC is an ordained minister serving as the system vice president of Mission & Outreach for Norton Healthcare, where he is responsible for the Pastoral Care, Church & Health Ministries, and Mission & Outreach Departments, Clinical Pastoral Education Program, Medical Ethics Council, aspects of community benefit reporting, and an employee outreach initiative.

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