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New Email Service

The Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) has recently switched email service providers.  This new email service will be more responsive to the needs APC has for distributing information related to membership, certification, educational sessions, promotions and upcoming events. In order to comply with spam laws and restrictions, APC has sent out an email giving those on our mailing list the opportunity to unsubscribe from future emails from this service. If you are not currently subscribed and would like to be, or if you have accidently unsubscribed, please contact the APC office for additional instructions. 
If your current “preferred” email address in your APC membership recorded is for a domain or address that is affiliated with your institution or place of work, we highly recommend that you change your email address in your membership record to a personal account (i.e. Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail or other email service) in order to avoid having our emails blocked or delayed by your institutions firewall or spam filter. In addition, when you read the email from our new email service provider, please add the address domain ( to your “safe Sender” list to avoid any delays in receiving messages.
Going forward, emails addresses that are returned to APC as “Undeliverable” or Bounced will be cleaned from our system to avoid any violations for sending “unwanted” messages.
Thank you for your understanding!
APC Staff