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How do I become a chaplain?

A chaplain is an individual who is ordained or endorsed by a faith group to provide chaplaincy care in diverse settings including, but not limited to, hospitals, corrections, long-term care, sports teams, palliative care, military, hospices, workplaces, mental health and universities.

Chaplaincy care is care provided by a board certified chaplain, associate certified chaplain or by a student in an accredited clinical pastoral education (CPE) program. Examples of such care include emotional, spiritual, religious, pastoral, ethical, and/or existential care. Chaplaincy care is grounded in initiating, developing and deepening, and bringing to an appropriate close, a mutual and empathic relationship with the patient/client, family, and/ or staff. The development of a genuine relationship is at the core of chaplaincy care and underpins, even enables, all the other dimensions of chaplaincy care to occur.

The Association of Professional Chaplains®
 recommends that those considering a career in chaplaincy contact their faith group for information about their requirements for ministry as a chaplain.

Chaplain Certification

Chaplain certification by a nationally recognized chaplaincy certifying board is frequently a requirement for employment as a chaplain. APC’s®
 affiliate, the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc.®, offers several types of certification for chaplains.


BCCI® Certification

The Benefits of Board Certified Chaplains

Certification Requirements

Certification Frequently Asked Questions