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A Message from APC President...

APC President Ronald C. Oliver PhD MBA BCC

APC Forum, October 2019, Vol. 21 No. 6

An ant & elephant are crossing a sway bridge.  On the way across the ant proudly says, "Look how we are swaying this bridge." 

As I enter these final weeks of service as APC President and reflect on all that we’ve done, have going on, and are poised to do, I am amazed….  But, unlike that ant, I know who actually sways the bridge.  So, if you will, a few thank yous.  First, a grateful shout out to the Presidents under whom I served - David Johnson, Valerie Storms, Darryl Owens, Margie Atkinson, Kimberly Murman and, especially, Martha Rucker under whom I was honored to serve as President-Elect.  These remarkably capable and generous leaders each did their part to advance APC’s mission – I’m grateful to stand in their shadow.  The APC Board is a diverse group of creative and capable professionals who have been and are doing amazing work – their contribution to APC and the profession is truly incalculable.  The APC office staff is without peer.  Pat Appelhans, CEO, Carol Pape, COO and the administrative and support staffs are capable guardians of the organization who field an amazing array of requests and will do whatever is needed of them – they are caregivers in their own right.   Shortly, Joe Perez will become President.  Thank you, Joe, for your perfect support during this past year – by that I mean, sharing clarification when required, comfort when needed, confrontation when necessary, and congratulations when warranted.  Joe is a wonderfully relational and gifted leader.  I am excited for APC’s future under his leadership.
And the best for last…You.  Thank you.  What you do day-in and day-out – all of the amazing ways you care, all of the quiet ways you make your part of the world a better place, all of the time you give to ensure others live a meaningful life – this is the great contribution of APC’s members.  You are the great force capable and ready to shape the future of the profession.  To borrow from the thought of William James, you act as if what you do makes a difference because it does.  Continue being your best self and the opportunities that come from that will be too many to count.
Finally, while APC has a great past, a past that deserves to be celebrated and is a rich source of wisdom, an organization exists for the future.  As Babe Ruth said, “Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games.”  As we prepare for the inevitability of a future, remember that excellence is never an accident.  The choice is a simple one: Shape the future or be shaped by it.  Let us choose challenges that are breathtakingly difficult because they are audaciously worthy to be done.  Then, let us proceed as if success is inevitable. 
Thank you for the honor of service as APC President.


Rev. Ronald C. Oliver PhD MBA BCC is a system vice president, Mission and Outreach, of Norton Healthcare, Louisville, KY. He serves as President of the APC Board and may be contacted at