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May 2018 Vol. 20 No. 3

A Message from APC President
by Martha H. Rucker MDiv BCC CT 

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Participate in Mapping Community Palliative Care

The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), in collaboration with the National Coalition for Hospice and Palliative Care (NCHPC), has launched an exciting initiative to build a comprehensive inventory of community palliative care programs across all service settings—including home, office/clinic, and long-term care.
APC is supporting this important project because it will promote the expansion of community palliative care by identifying programs currently available in the community setting, making it easier for patients, families, caregivers, and practitioners to find local resources to meet their needs. Participating programs...Read More

Still Time to Register for the APC/NACC Joint Conference

Register Today for the 2018 APC/NACC Joint Conference in Anaheim California, July 12-15 2018 and select ONE FREE Wednesday or Thursday PDI from our list.

This year's conference includes an expansive list of workshopsprofessional development intensives, and plenary speakers...Read More

Lobby Day for Palliative Care/PCHETA Legislation
Who: Open To All 
What: Lobby Day for Palliative Care/PCHETA Legislation
Where: Washington, D.C.
When: June 20, 2018

All Coalition Members are invited and encouraged to attend the Patient Quality of Life Coalition Lobby Day in support of the PCHETA (Palliative Care Hospice Education and Training Act) legislation and palliative care generally. Enclosed is the link to registerThis is a terrific opportunity to be citizen-lobbyists and let Congress know they need to do more to improve serious illness care in the US by passing the PCHETA legislation. PCHETA would expand the palliative care workforce and also focus efforts at expanding palliative care research...Read More


Some Thoughts About Remembering
by Rev. Dr. Peggy Lindsey BCC
“So you’re a hospital chaplain. Isn’t that depressing? How do you do that?”

I have a few standard answers to that question, but now that I’m not doing it any more I can say what I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, say before. I did it by forgetting, and I’m sure I’ve never said that out loud.

It wasn’t a conscious choice, just something that I realized over the years. We chaplains are trained to be fully present, in the moment, with the people we see, and I devoted myself, whole-heartedly, to that practice. If I was with you, I was wholly with you, as best I could be. I believe there is healing in that kind of meeting, in the deep, open-hearted listening that we strive for, in the witness to suffering, and in the recognition of our common frailty...Read More

A Secular Humanist Chaplain Learns to Pray
by Joshua Berg
I imagined that I could develop an awareness of myself as minister by answering the question, “Who am I?” The question is more appropriately, “Who am I in a clinical pastoral care situation?”  In the room with the patient, I am not merely the product of my life experiences, but I am Chaplain Joshua Berg, the supposed embodiment of some mystical authority, a symbol of potential “well-being” (Cobb 2014). In this role, I am tasked with being a giver of spiritual care who attempts to heal wounded “souls.”  As a humanist chaplain however, someone who heretofore defined soul as a genre of music, it seems a tall order, but a challenge I enthusiastically accept.
So, who am I as chaplain?  I can’t know completely in this liminal stage of CPE education, but I have come to certain tentative conclusions. I will focus herein on one I arrived at by examining a conundrum I am still working to reconcile; what does prayer mean to me?...Read More

Media Reviewers Wanted for APC Forum

The editorial staff of APC Forum invites board-certified chaplains to join our media review panel.  Reviewers benefit from
  • An opportunity to serve our professional organization
  • Continuing education hours
  • A free book for personal use
Every year, reviewers receive a list of new books from which to select 2 or 3 preferences for reviewing.  Reviewers set their own deadlines to read and evaluate books for quality and value for the professional chaplain.  Reviews should be under 500 words...Read More

Resource Reviews for Continuing Education and Reference May 2018

America’s Original Sin:  Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America
Jim Wallis (Grand Rapids, MI; Brazos Press, 2016, 272 pages, hardcover, softcover, audio CD, Kindle with Audible)

The End of the Island:  Finding Life in the Movements of Human Suffering, Pain, and Loss
Jeffrey C. Tucker (Eugene, OR: Resource Publications, 2016, 156 pages, softcover, hardcover, Kindle)

What Have We Done: The Moral Injury of Our Longest Wars
David Wood (New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2016, 292 pages, hardcover, audiobook, CD, Kindle)

Where God and Medicine Meet:  A Conversation between a Doctor and a Spiritual Messenger
Neale Donald Walsch and Brit Cooper, MD (Faber, VA: Rainbow Ridge Books, 2016, 189 pages, Kindle, softcover)

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Learn more about the online Master of Science and Graduate Certificates program in Palliative Care through the University of Maryland, Baltimore




Learn More about the Institute of Pastoral Studies




Jimmie C. Holland, MD
Col. Herman Keizer, Jr. 
Rev. Dorothy Robinson, BCC
Rev. Thomas Pexton, Honorary Life BCC

APC extends our sympathy to the family and friends of members who have died. Memorials are listed on the website in alphabetical order by last name.

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