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February 2018 Vol. 20 No. 1

A Message from APC President
by Martha H. Rucker MDiv BCC CT 
When people enter my office, they are able to quickly see who and what is important to me.  I surround myself with pictures of family and friends, mementos from our four year old granddaughter and our son, reminders of significant moments in my life, inspirational quotes and favorite Scripture verses.  All these are present as a constant reminder of some of the people, places, events, and influences important to my work and to my daily life.  One, in particular, is a framed quote given to me by a colleague at her five year peer review.  In the simple frame are the words penned by Gail Godwin from her book Evensong, “You know it’s your vocation if it keeps making more out of you.”  I find myself reflecting...Read More

The 2018 APC/NACC Joint Conference

The 2018 APC/NACC Joint Conference is now open for registration.  We have an impressive lineup of speakers, workshops, professional development intensives and more this year.  You can head over to the Joint Conference pages to learn more about what is in store including announcements from the Joint Conference Co-Chair Valerie Storms and the Joint Conference Education Co-Chair Brian Hurley...Learn More  

Endorsement as Communal Verification
by Dr. Mark LaRocca-Pitts PhD BCC

Is endorsement from a faith group necessary for board certification as a professional chaplain? Traditionally the argument in favor of endorsement focuses on authority[i] and accountability.[ii] Before the applicant can be endorsed, the applicant has to meet the requirements of their faith tradition for being a leader within that community. Once recognized as a representative, that chaplain has authority to speak and act as such “in the name of” that tradition. With this authority also comes the chaplain’s accountability to their faith tradition. This accountability ensures the chaplain... Read More
Important Updates and Announcements for Certification
by Jana Troutman-Miller BCC and Keith Goheen BCC
The BCCI® Commission on Certification and Area Certification Chairs have continued to be hard at work since the fall.  Area Certification chairs coordinated interviews for 122 candidates in October & November and are currently preparing for 130 candidates in February and March.  The Commission has reviewed and updated several items which have been approved by the BCCI® Board of Directors... Read More

2018 APC/NACC Joint Conference - Call For Poster Proposals
by Rev. Brian Hurley MDiv BCC

The 2018 Joint Conference Education Subcommittee invites you to submit poster presentation proposals for the 2018 APC/NACC Joint Conference, July 12 - 15 at the Anaheim Marriott in Anaheim, California. The deadline for poster proposals is Friday March 16, 2018.  Learn More

2018 APC Awards - Call for Nominations
The APC Membership Committee is seeking nominations for our Annual Leadership Awards. These awards will be presented during the APC Membership Luncheon at the 2018 APC/NACC Joint Conference.  The award categories are: Anton Boisen Professional Service Award, Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Local Leadership Award, Retired Chaplain Award and the Oskar Pfister Award.  To learn more about these awards, see past recipients and to nominate someone, please visit our Annual Leadership Awards Page.


New Year's Resolution: Improve Access to Chaplains for Non-English Speakers

by Emilee Walker-Cornetta BCC and Joel Nightingale Berning BCC
Emilee Walker-Cornetta BCC and Joel Nightingale Berning BCC at New York-Presbyterian Hospital are beginning a project to increase nationwide access to chaplaincy for care recipients who do not speak English. The goal is to create a multilingual tool that would help care recipients make a more educated decision about whether they would like to speak further with a chaplain via interpreter. They are seeking chaplain collaborators who are fluent (ideally native) speakers of languages other than English. If you or someone you know would join their team or at least briefly consult with them, please let Emilee ( and Joel ( know. Share

News and Updates from the National Coalition for Hospice and Palliative Care & the National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care
  • NCHPC has published their 3nd Blog Post to their website.  This blog post includes a number of updates on NCHPC and the National Consensus Project.
  • NCP Guidelines, 4th Edition is now in development at NCP, this edition will be updated in 2018. Share

Religion, Spirituality, and Health: An Introduction to Research

Free 8-Week Online Course for APC Members

Members of the Association of Professional Chaplains, the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, the National Association  of Catholic Chaplains, and Neshama - the National Association of Jewish Chaplains are invited to participate in a free, 8-week online course, Religion, Spirituality, and Health: An Introduction to Research, which is being offered at no cost through Virginia Commonwealth University. This course is made possible by matching funds from these four associations, each of whom recognizes participation in the online course toward chaplains’ annual required continuing education....Learn More

Resource Reviews for Continuing Education and Reference February 2018
Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to a Divinely Inspired Life
Christiane Northrup MD  (Carlsbad, CA: Hay House Inc., 2016, 249 pages, hardcover, softcover, Kindle, Audiobook)

Our Father:  Discovering Family
C. Mitch Carnell, Jr. (Searcy, AR:  Resource Publications/Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2015, 97 pages, Kindle, softcover)

Sacred Stress: A Radically Different Approach to Using Life’s Challenges for Positive Change
George R. Faller and Heather Wright (Woodstock, VT: Skylight Paths, 2016, 176 pages, hardcover, softcover, Kindle)

Read More


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APC extends our sympathy to the family and friends of members who have died. Memorials are listed on the website in alphabetical order by last name.

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