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Member Submission Poem - A Prayer Multiplied

by Nancy P. King

APC Forum, January 2021, Vol. 23 No. 1



              A Prayer Multiplied
              A poem for Chaplain Kitty Garlid


                 There I lay in a hospital bed
                        Not enough life to even nod my head.
                        The room was empty, not a soul was there
                        At the end of my journey, no one who cared.
                        Then a miracle, could this be?
                        An angel entered and prayed for me.
                        Silently she sat by my side
                        If I could have, I would have cried.
                        Dignity was brought to my final hour
                        I wanted to hug her but didn’t have the power
                        To wrap my arms around her humble frame
                        To thank this soul from whence the prayers came.
                        Now I sit on a heavenly cloud
                        The prayers I pray would make her proud
                        Multiplying what she did for me
                        Guiding God’s hands to set others free.

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