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Poem: Catching the Light

by Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Ross BCC 

APC Forum, January 2020, Vol. 22 No. 1

Catching the Light
And the light continues to shine
Everywhere and anywhere . . . even in the light.
And the light understands the light
And the light receives the light.
It illuminates and reveals the unknown and the unseen
As one who awakens and remembers the whole dream, every detail.
Light begets light. And everything submits to it.
But then . . . the darkness.
It neither knows, nor sees, nor understands.
It creeps and envelopes and closes in upon everything.
Including itself.
It claims the best territory and the easy prey,
Like boiling lava flowing over a noisy and lively spring forest.
It stifles, shuts down, eliminates, and consumes
Like a fire consuming the poet’s words.
The darkness stalks and suffocates.
It vaporizes hope and dims the light of love and loyalty.
It never loves and never learns. And never shines, And never warms.
It is like a spurned lover stalking one who is infinitely loved.
Lay hold of the light.  Walk in it.  Splash in it. Bathe in it.
Come and see this light with me.
Come and be the light with me.

Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Ross, BCC served as a staff chaplain at a level 2 trauma hospital in inner-city Columbus, Ohio for five years where he served as the full-time emergency department chaplain.  He is interested in the intersection of where clinical markers and emotional, spiritual, and psychological factors meet. He can be reached at