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Important COVID-19 News and Resources from APC


APC Forum, April 2020, Vol. 22 No. 3

Dear APC Members,

APC leadership and staff are keeping you in our thoughts during this pandemic.  Like so many others, APC staff have had to make the adjustment to working remotely during this time,. Fortunately in the weeks leading up to the “Stay Home” orders that were issued and advised, APC leadership and staff made plans for this eventuality.  Please know that the staff of your professional organization continues to work on your behalf to provide the service, resources, and assistance you have come to count on from APC.  You can continue to contact the APC office by phone, email, or fax. Mail will get responses but at a slight delay.

APC has developed and collected resources on COVID-19 to help you through this difficult time.    COVID-19 Resources can be found on the front page of the APC website located at  We have curated links from leaders in health care, safety, self-help, prayers, and disease control that pertain to COVID-19 on this page. 

  • APC has moderated COVID Round table discussions on single topics such as Palliative Care, Hospice, Acute Care, Long-Term Care, Military and Administrators. We also have Open Discussion Round Tables.  These Round Table Discussions have reached over 400 APC members in the past three weeks.   The goal of these calls is to help chaplains share ideas, resources for best practices in providing spiritual care during the COVID-19 crisis. Members attending the Round Tables are eligible for one hour of Continuing Education for the 2020 C.E. year.
  • In addition, APC has begun providing Professional Community Support Group(s).  Our members are stretched and stressed in new ways, while also facing personal and professional losses and challenges.  These virtual gatherings will provide collegial support for their journeys.  
  • APC members and staff were disappointed about the cancelation of our annual meeting.  Therefore, APC is offering complimentary recorded webinars to its members on moral injury, trauma, caregiver needs and self-help. You can register for these complimentary webinars by logging into the APC website and clicking on the APC Store or look for the emails being sent weekly.  We hope these will be a support to the APC professional community as well as extra continuing education hours. 
  • We encourage our members to visit the APC Facebook Discussion Group for current and ongoing discussions on Spiritual Care during COVID-19.  You do not need to be a member of the APC Facebook page to view the information and discussion threads however if you wish to post something on the Facebook page you need to join the page.
  • Chaplains4Chaplains - APC is now collecting names and contact information for a database of individuals who are able to volunteer their time to speak with other chaplains experiencing the COVID pandemic firsthand, on a one-on-one basis.  This volunteer sign-up will allow APC to connect chaplains seeking chaplains/chaplaincy on a peer to peer level.
  • Tales from the Front – During this unprecedented time, APC is hoping to capture our members experiences for posterity and for continuing education credits.  We are now encouraging those of you who are on the front lines to record your experiences to share with others.  These can be in any format that works best for you such as audio files, video files, essays, journal entries, reflections, poems, and others.  Help us capture this strange and challenging time, to learn, to grieve, to grow.  
  • APC with its Strategic Partners developed a volunteer list for telechaplaincy support.  Over 1,500 chaplains signed up to assist healthcare institutions who need additional spiritual care provider assistance. 

APC is dedicated to providing you, our members, with the best support and resources available.  During the COVID-19 pandemic we have been working with chaplaincy groups and others to gather the very best and useful information we can.  Please continue to check on APC COVID-19 Resources page for updates and information.  We know that this is a difficult time for so many of us; professionally, personally, spiritually and emotionally.  Please know that APC is here to support you.  If you are facing a challenge and you need professional support, APC is standing by.  

APC National Office Phone: 847.240.1014 

On behalf of the APC Staff and Board of Directors, we appreciate all that our members are doing!  Please check back with APC regularly for more resources and new ways we hope to support our members during this time.


Joseph Perez MDiv BCC
Association of Professional Chaplains

Patricia F. Appelhans JD 
Chief Executive Officer
Association of Professional Chaplains