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BCCI News & Updates


APC Forum, April 2020, Vol. 22 No. 3



Spring 2020 interviews
To the eighty candidates who had their spring 2020 interview cancelled due to Covid-19 related travel bans and safety considerations, we have not forgotten you!
We are aware of the anxiety this delay has brought to some of you especially on top of everything else you might be dealing with in caring for your patients, families and staff.  Be assured, we do not take this lightly and are making every effort to reschedule as soon as possible.
As you are aware, interviews are conducted by certified chaplains who volunteer their time to serve on certification committees, and we have been unable to reschedule the interviews due to our chaplains being unable to dedicate the time, concentration, and energy that is required of our certification committees, and that each candidate deserves from those interviewing them.
The BCCI staff and the Commission on Certification are working to develop a system for conducting interviews via video conferencing and to determine who may be available to serve on committees.  This will be the first time we have allowed committee interviews for first time candidates via video and we want to make sure that we do all we can to ensure a fair process for each candidate. We intend to have information the first week of May with our solution for rescheduling and anticipate the interviews taking place in June and July.
Fall 2020 interviews
Due to the pressures the current environment has placed on many, we are extending the deadline to apply for a Fall 2020 interview to July 31, 2020.  We hope this extra time will enable you to complete your application. As of now, interviews are still scheduled for October, we will continue to assess whether they will be able to be held in person or virtually.
If you have questions about certification or interviews, please email

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