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APC/Epic Collaboration Update


APC Forum,  April 2021, Vol. 23, Issue 3

The following artilce was first published in the APC Connect.  This article contains corrections and updates to the project.

APC Collaborating with Epic…
The Association of Professional Chaplains has teamed up with Epic, one of the largest vendors for electronic health records (EHR), to enhance the spiritual care documentation for the EHR platform.  This chaplaincy documentation will follow along the Standards of Practice that APC has developed.
The goal of this collaboration is to have robust spiritual care content for Epic customers to choose when their institution is implementing the Epic software.  A team of board-certified chaplains are currently working with Epic’s Project Managers and specialists to work through the options and design. As subject matter experts, APC will take the lead on promoting the advantages of this new model as well as provide FAQ’s and informational sessions to spiritual care departments that choose to implement this chaplaincy documentation content.
APC will continue to keep our members and the community informed as this project moves forward including potential testing and launch dates. 


Due to popular interest in this project, APC is looking to expand and diversify the APC/Epic taskforce and we have set up a way for you to submit questions, ideas, and feedback. 

Members that would like to submit thoughts and ideas to the taskforce of chaplains that are working on this project may do so in the form of a Google Sheet.  The benefit of this format is that our taskforce of chaplains can get feedback directly from you, and if you include your contact information, they will be able to reach out to you if they have further clarifying questions.  While we are aware that some institutions block Google's suite of programs, we ask that if you would like to provide feedback you do so from your phone or a computer terminal that will allow access to the APC/Epic Spiritual Care Template Input Log.

In addition, APC would like to diversify our group of chaplains currently serving on this taskforce.  If you would like to submit your name for consideration to the APC Quality and Research Committee, you can do so by clicking on the link below to a SurveyMonkey form.  By filling out the form, your name will be submitted to the quality committee for consideration.

Apply to serve on the APC/Epic taskforce.