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November 2019 Vol. 21 No. 7

A Message from APC President...
by Joseph Perez MDiv BCC

Shalom, and greetings to you my friends and colleagues in the APC.  This is my first formal communication with you as your president.  I am honored, humbled and excited for this year.  I liked that my term started on November 1st. First, November is when we celebrate gratitude.  My thankfulness for the APC in my professional, and personal, life is deeper than I can express in words.  Second, November 1st in my tradition is a day of celebration called All Saints Day. It is a time when people of faith remember those, living and dead, who have edified our holistic communities, as well as us as individuals. As a part of this memorial, ancient leaders are remembered along with those who have mentored and inspired us into holistic life. Religious or not, it is good to remember those who have influenced our lives in service, belief and profession towards wholeness and health....Read More




APC/BCCI News...

  • New Board Term: On November 1, 2019 the new APC/BCCI Board Term began in conjunction with the APC fiscal year.  Members of the 2019-2020 Board of Directors can be found on the APC website.  Below are pictures from the first meeting of the board where APC President, Joe Perez officially took the gavel from APC past-president Ron Oliver.
  • Annual Ethics Accountability Statement:  Certified members of APC are required to sign and submit their annual ethics accountability statement as a requisite to continue with your certification.  You can submit your ethics accountability statement HERE.
  • BCCI Certification Interviews:  In October and November, BCCI heald certification interviews for over 180 candidates, around the United States.  The November 2019 deadline for applications for March interviews had 128 cadditates apply.  The next deadline for applications is July 2020. (Note: there will not be any certification interviews at the 2020 Joint Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.)

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APC Announces 2020-2022 Strategic Plan

On November 8-10 the 2019-2020 APC Board of Directors met in Nashville, Tennessee to finalize APC’s next 3-year Strategic Plan.  This meeting was the culmination of work over the last year between board members, local leadership, national committee members and the membership to identify those areas where APC has inherent interest, influence, and provide member value.

The first step in crafting the 2020-2022 APC Strategic Plan began in 2017 with a comprehensive Membership Satisfaction Survey conducted by Association Metrics...Read More

A Message of Thanksgiving
by Rev. Joby Brown MDiv BCC

Nearly every time I leave a patient’s room I say thank you.  I am sure I am not alone in this practice.  But occasionally I will hear that familiar question – “Why are you thanking me?  You helped me.  I should be the one who is thankful.”  This always offers an invitation to reflect deeper with that person, or the family, of what I experienced with them, from them, and about them.  Saying thank you goes a long way, as we learned as children, to express a deep gratitude for the humbling privileges we have to honor life, offer blessing, and help seek paths through deep trails and over bridges that some find terrifying...Read More


November 2019 NCHPC Newsletter

Higlights Include:

- Breaking News
- PCHETA Passes U.S. House of Representatives
- CMS Announces New Serious Illness Payment Model
...Read More


APC is a Supporting Partner for the State of Science in Hospice and Palliative Care Research Symposium

Learn More and Register Here



Impact of Professional Spiritual Care

In December of 2018 APC, along with our Strategic Partners, published the digital book “The Impact of Professional Spiritual Care.”  This resource was designed to help chaplains inform colleagues, supervisors, potential employers and others about professional chaplaincy.   Since its publication, APC has received great feedback from our members who are successfully using the PDF/Flipbook as a resource to teach others about professional spiritual care and the impact it has for care recipients as well as institutions.

Inside “The Impact of Professional Spiritual Care” readers will find 4 sections that pertain to understanding professional chaplaincy, including: Demystifying Spiritual Care; Professional Chaplains Qualifications and Competencies; Professional Chaplains Standards of Practice; and The Evidence for Spiritual Care.  Each of these sections includes background, research and data on the benefits of spiritual care and the impact that professional chaplains bring to their institutions...Read More


CSU's January 2020 Cohort for "Essentials of Palliative Care Chaplaincy" 

California State University in conjunction with Association of Professional Chaplains is now accepting registrations for a new cohort for their course "Essentials of Palliative Care Chaplaincy" beginning January 22, 2020.  APC would like to remind our members that they receive a 10% discount on their registration by using the promo code.  This code is restricted to members only and you must log-into the member page to receive it.

Visit the CSU Institute for Palliative Care page to learn more about this exciting course.

Roots & Branches: A Multi-faith Chaplain’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, February 3-10, 2020

APC has joined NACC, NAJC, ACPE and CASC as a co-sponsor of Roots & Branches: A Multi-faith Chaplain’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, February 3-10, 2020. Led by Rabbi Dayle Friedman and Chaplain Mary T. O’Neill, this will be a spiritual journey, affording participants profound opportunities to encounter their own and one another’s spiritual roots and perspectives. We will visit holy sites, and also explore the complexities of contemporary Israeli society. We will meet with leaders of the emerging Israeli spiritual care profession, and hear about their struggles and innovations. Throughout all of this, we will take time for deep reflection and dialogue.
You can learn more about this unique opportunity by contacting Rabbi Dayle Friedman,



National Consensus Project: Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care, 4th edition

Many people living with a serious illness who are receiving treatment for their condition, whether heart failure, lung disease, cancer or another illness, don’t have access to palliative care, which can make all the difference in how they feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. New palliative care guidelines set out to improve access to this care, which provides relief from the symptoms and stress of serious illness; improves quality of life for both the patient and the patient’s family; and is provided concurrent with disease-focused treatments...Learn More

Resource Reviews for Continuing Education and Reference November 2019:
Goodnight Mind: Turn off your Noisy Thoughts & Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Colleen E Canery & Rachel Manber (Oakland, CA: New Harbringer, 2013, 181 pages, soft cover, E-book, Audio book).

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APC extends our sympathy to the family and friends of members who have died. Memorials are listed on the website in alphabetical order by last name.

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