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A Message from APC President...

APC President Joseph Perez MDiv BCC

APC Forum, November 2019, Vol. 21 No. 

Shalom, and greetings to you my friends and colleagues in the APC.  This is my first formal communication with you as your president.  I am honored, humbled and excited for this year.  I liked that my term started on November 1st. First, November is when we celebrate gratitude.  My thankfulness for the APC in my professional, and personal, life is deeper than I can express in words.  Second, November 1st in my tradition is a day of celebration called All Saints Day. It is a time when people of faith remember those, living and dead, who have edified our holistic communities, as well as us as individuals. As a part of this memorial, ancient leaders are remembered along with those who have mentored and inspired us into holistic life. Religious or not, it is good to remember those who have influenced our lives in service, belief and profession towards wholeness and health.
With gratitude for the APC in mind, I am remembering some BCC individuals who have been providential to my life in service through chaplaincy. Tim participated in my first professional chaplain position.  Later, Tim became my leader, and it was here when he encouraged me to seek certification.  I had been practicing for 5 years at that point.  This encouragement and support led me to the APC, a relationship that continues to foster my professional and personal growth.  Then, there is Alan, my presenter through the certification process.  From that first meeting, we became fast friends and colleagues to share the gifts and challenges of professional chaplaincy, not to mention being annual conference buddies each year. We have also served on many certification meetings together.  I’m also remembering Bob.  As one of my CPE supervisors and a fellow BCC, Bob engaged me as a professional colleague and friend at the same time. His mentoring and friendship have accompanied me throughout my professional chaplain journey.  So, how about you; who are the APC mentors in your life that have assisted you in your journey in the direction of holistic life and service through chaplaincy?
In closing, I am excited to share that your APC board has just completed the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan.  Please review the Plan in this Forum and share your feedback.  Thanks to all who participated in the process.  Its execution will need all of us to participate.  And finally, thank you for giving the board and me this opportunity to serve you and our profession through the APC.


Joseph Perez MDiv BCC is the Vice President for Mission & Ministry at Valley Baptist Health System in Harlingen & Brownsville, TX. He serves as President of the APC Board and may be contacted at