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Important APC/BCCI News and Reminders


APC Forum, November 2019, Vol. 21 No. 7

  • New Board Term: On November 1, 2019 the new APC/BCCI Board Term began in conjunction with the APC fiscal year.  Members of the 2019-2020 Board of Directors can be found on the APC website.  Below are pictures from the first meeting of the board where APC President, Joe Perez officially took the gavel from APC past-president Ron Oliver.
  • Annual Ethics Accountability Statement:  Certified members of APC are required to sign and submit their annual ethics accountability statement as a requisite to continue with your certification.  You can submit your ethics accountability statement HERE.
  • BCCI Certification Interviews:  In October and November, BCCI held certification interviews for over 180 candidates, around the United States.  The November 2019 deadline for applications for March interviews had 128 candidates apply.  The next deadline for applications is July 2020. (Note: there will not be any certification interviews at the 2020 Joint Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.)
  • Continuing Education: Certified chaplains are required to submit their annual Continuing Education Report by January 31, 2020 to retain your certification.  Now is the appropriate time to fill out your report and submit it to APC/BCCI office staff. The 2019 C.E. Report Form can be found HERE.
  • Invoices:  APC and BCCI invoices are now posted to your APC Profile.  To access your invoice, please log into your APC account via the homepage, then use the menu on the right-hand side to locate "Account Details," then "My Invoices."  You can pay your invoice online or print out the invoice and send a check, submit them to your institution for payment/reimbursement or call into the APC office.
  • Open positions for APC Volunteer Leadership: If you would like to volunteer to participate as an APC State or local leader or to serve on an APC committee, please review the application procedure here.


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