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Past Annual Award Recipients

The Association of Professional Chaplains® is proud to honor and remember the contributions of these individuals who have received honors in previous years. This list represents awards given by the APC® as well as its predecessor associations, the College of Chaplains and the Association of Mental Health Clergy. Please note that not all awards are given in every year and names and criteria for awards may have changed since their inception by one of the original founding organizations.

Award Recipients By Organization


(May 1998- through the Present)



The Distinguished Service Award celebrates the contributions of any individual or organization that promotes the standard of professional chaplaincy in an exemplary manner. This award does not require membership in the APC.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Nominee may be (but not limited to) a pastoral care provider, clergy, layperson, systems supervisor and/or administrator, researcher, theologian, educator, faith group official, benefactor, , author, physician or other healthcare professional, etc.
  • Nominee must have made a significant contribution in promoting the standards of professional chaplaincy or in advancing pastoral care that impacts upon the advance of clinical chaplaincy.

1998 William D. Razz Waff
1999 Richard E. Stewart
2000 Walter Smith
2001 Reginald Hislop, III
2002 Robert B. Inhoff
2003 Not awarded
2004 Anne Underwood
2005 Paul E. Derrickson
2006 Earl E. Johnson
2007 Jimmie C. Holland
2008 Elisabeth McSherry
2009 Paul Lorenzo Yeun
2010 Col. Herman Keizer Jr.
2011 Not awarded
2012 Rhonda Anderson
2013 Wendy Cadge
2014 Christina M. Puchalski MD FACP
2015 Kevin J. Flannelly
Kenneth I. Pargament
2016 George Pickle PhD
2017 Dallas Little DMin BCC
2018 Not awarded
2019 Dr. Jacob George ThM DMin BCC



The Anton Boisen Professional Service Award honors one of the early pioneers in clinical chaplaincy and pastoral care education and is given each year to a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) of the APC who demonstrates a commitment to excellence in professional chaplaincy and has offered a unique contribution to contemporary pastoral care.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Nominee must be a current Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) in good standing of the Association of Professional Chaplains or one of its predecessor organizations (College of Chaplains or Association of Mental Health Clergy) for at least three (3) years.
  • Nominee must have served as a professional chaplain for at least three (3) years.
  • Nominees will have made creative and innovative contributions to professional chaplaincy in their setting of ministry. Examples of area of contribution may include (but are not limited to) education, ministry to the marginalized, spiritual care planning, quality, delivery, counseling, research, multi-disciplinary involvement, bioethics, multi-cultural or interfaith ministry, publications, advocacy, etc.

1998    Frank S. Moyer, Brice Wayne Kinyon, James T. Gullickson
1999 Kenneth E. Reed
2000 Robert E. Cullum
2001 Larry VandeCreek
2002 Greg Bodin
2003 Dick D. Millspaugh
2004 Lerrill White
2005 Delois Brown-Daniels
2006 George Fitchett
2007 Not awarded
2008 James T. Denley
2009 The Late Arthur M. Lucas (presented posthumously)
2010 Martha R. Jacobs
2011 George Handzo
2012 Not awarded
2013 Susan Wintz
2014 Rev. Bonnie J. Meyer DMin BCC
2015 Robert L. Grigsby
2016 Robert A. Kidd MDiv BCC
2017 Daniel H. Grossoehme DMin MS BCC & Susan L. Jelinek MDiv BCC
2018 Patricia E. Murphy RSCJ PhD
2019 Rev. Al Miles MDiv BCC
2019 Rev. Valerie Storms MDiv BCC


The Retired Chaplain Award honors a retired APC member who has made significant contributions to the fields of chaplaincy and pastoral care or to APC during his/her retirement years.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Nominee must be a retired Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) of the Association of Professional Chaplains.
  • Nominee must have been a member of the APC or one of its predecessor organizations (College of Chaplains or Association of Mental Health Clergy) for at least three (3)  years.
  • Nominees will have made significant contributions during retirement years in either or both of the following categories:
    • outstanding contributions to the field of chaplaincy or pastoral care;
    • outstanding contributions to the APC as an organization.


1998   Keith W. Keidel
1999 Cloyd E. Kress, Robert E. Otto, Dolores M. Pelletier
2000 Ramon Runkel
2001 John Shaw
2002 Ray Lanham
2003 Ronald D. Ropp
2004 Ray E. Dice
2005 Not awarded
2006 Jerry J. Griffin
2007 John Rea Thomas
2008 Richard J. Lehman
2009 George R. Robie
2010 Louis H.G. Bier
2011 Kenneth J. Siess
2012 Clarke A. Mundhenke
2013 Emanuel Williams
2014 Rev. Dr. Milton P. Snyder BCC
2015 John C. Wilson
2016 not awarded
2017 Clark S. Aist, MDiv STM PhD



The Outstanding Local Leadership Award is given to a member in good standing who has exhibited outstanding dedication to and promotion of the APC through active involvement and initiative at the local level, including sub-state, state, or multi-state levels.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Nominee must be a member in good standing of the Association of Professional Chaplains.
  • Nominee must have been a member of the APC or one of its predecessor organizations (College of Chaplains or Association of Mental Health Clergy) for at least three years.
  • Nominees will have made significant leadership contributions at the local level to the APC’s effort support to work and development of professional chaplains and/or enhance membership in or growth and development of the organization.

1998     Kathryn M. Reed (Arkansas)
1999 Robert J. Long (Illinois)
2000 Terry Ruth Culbertson (New York)
2001 Marcia L. Marino (Wisconsin)
2002 Clarke Mundhenke (Nebraska), George Robie (Nebraska)
2003 George A. Burn (Pennsylvania), Robert A. Young (Virginia)
2004 Valerie R. Storms (Florida)
2005 Gerald Nussbaum (Ohio)
2006 Floyd G. O'Bryan (Minnesota)
2007 Jeffery N. Murphy (Mississippi)
2008 James A. Stephens (Alaska), C.H. (Skip) Wisenbaker, III (Georgia)
2009 Steven Spidell (Texas), Mark LaRocca-Pitts (Georgia)
2010 Joseph F. Perez (Texas)
2011 Carolynne Fairweather (Oregon), Jodie Futornick (Illinois)
2012 David J. Zucker (Colorado)
2013 Melanie D. Childers (North Carolina)
2014 Russell N. Myers (Minnesota)
2015 not awarded
2016 Rev. Laurie Peterson Jeddeloh BCC
Dirk van der Vorst MDiv BCC

(1946 - through May 1998)


1972      Dr. Gaines S. Dobbins, Rev. Frank Moyer
1973 Dr. John M. Billinsky, Dale S. Benson, MD, Dr. Carl A. Nighswonger (presented posthumously)
1974 Dr. Wayne Oates, Dr. Charles D. Phillips
1976 Dr. Robert Preston, Rev. Walter J. Baepler, Rev. Donald R. Piper
1977 Dr. Myron C. Madden, Jack A.L. Hahn, Dr. Richard H. Jesse 
1978 Dr. Christian A. Hovde, Dr. Kenneth E. Reed, Dr. John A. White
1979 Rev. Lawrence E. Holst, Rev. Clyde Shallenberger
1980 Rev. Lawrence W. Gudmestad
1981 Rev. Herbert W. Hilldbrand, Louis B. Blair
1982 Rev. Edward J. Mahnke, Rev. Harold Wilke
1983 Rev. William A. Wagner
1985 Rev. Leicester R. Potter, Rev. James H. Burns, Rev. G. Howard Linton 
1986 Rev. Myron Ebersole, Rev. Don Gum 
1987 Dr. David Belgum, Rev. Harold Nelson
1988 Leroy G. Kerney, Ramon Runkel
1989 Terry Ruth Culbertson, Albert Brendel
1990 Kathryn S. Turner, Raymond E. Lanham
1991 Kenneth H. Buckwald, Walter E. Kloss
1992 Rev. George P. Polk, Rev. John & Carolyn Twiname, Rev. Granger E. Westberg 
1993 Dan Kratz, Aid Assocs. for Lutherans
1994 William F. Adix, Darrell Nicola
1995 F. William Spindler
1996 Harvey Berg
1997 Fred L. Brown, Frank P. Snow


1985    Rev. Joan Hemenway
1986 Rev. Earl Hackett, Dr. Frank King
1987 Robert Duvall, Jerry J. Griffin
1988 John & Margaret Thomas, Tim Vanduivendyk
1990 Dale Knuteson, Pamela Shier
1991 Jane F. Viera
1992 Sister Michelle Harmon, Rev. Leo J. Poirier
1993 Larry A. Burton
1994 John Grindler Katonah
1995 Timothy H. Little
1996 Raul Guilarte, James T. Wagner
1997 Pastoral Care Department of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Kenneth C. Blank, Sherron Hughes-Tremper


1987    Joe Fred Luck, Richard Johnson, Harvey Schroeder; John J. (Jack) Shepard
1988 Loren Pretty
1989 Albert E. Brendel, Wesley E. Crowie, James W. Swafford
1990 William N. Beachy, Howard E. Mueller, Russell C. Striffler
1991 Harley Dixon, James E. Flinchbaugh, Donald E. Knick, Alquinn Toews
1992 Vern H. Albrecht, Louis L. McGee
1993 Harold R. Nelson
1994 T. Warner Davidson, Edward F. Dobihal, Jr., Clyde Shallenberger
1995 George E. Johnson, Roy E. Olson
1996 Theodore Hoffmann, David Voorhees, Theodora Waring
1997 Frank E. Havens, Joseph M. Wilcox


1993 Robert E. Hamilton (North Carolina)
1994 Paul A. Bierlein (Ohio)
1995 George F. Handzo (New York)
1996 Alice Farquhar-Mayes (Idaho)
1997 Woodrow Hamilton Rea (West Virginia)


The Russell L. Dicks Memorial Lectures was sponsored by the College of Chaplains from its inception in 1971 until 1998, after which it was sponsored by the Association of Professional Chaplains and renamed as the Russell L. Dicks/Anton Boisen Memorial Lectures. In order to maintain continuity with this award, we have included in this one list all presenters from the College of Chaplains (1971 - 1998) up through the Association of Professional Chaplains (1998 - present).

1971         Dr. Carroll A. Wise, The Institutional Ministry: Retrospect or Prospect
1972 Dr. Albert L. Meiburgm, Chaplains & Change
1973 John M. Bilinsky, The Identity and Power of the Chaplain - Faking it or Facing it? 
1974 Dr. Wayne E. Oates, Theological Motifs in the Care of the Sick
1975 Dr. Fredric M. Norstad, Where have All the Prophets Gone? 
1976 Dr. Rollin J. Fairbanks, Alone with God and Suffering
1977 St. Mary Concilia Moran, Alfie’s Own Question - What’s it All About?
1978 Dr. Charles F. Kemp, The Caring Pastoral Care Department
1979 J. Lennart Cedarlleaf, Listening Revisited
1980 Robert B. Reeves, Jr., Selfhood in Health and Sickness
1981 Myron C. Madden, Responsible Ministry in a Changing Society 
1982 Dr. Henlee H. Barnette, New Frontiers in Pastoral Care
1983 John R. Thomas, Forty Years of Chaplaincy: Reflections & Projections
1984 Lawrence E. Holst, Hospital Chaplaincy - A Ministry in Paradox 
1985 Julian Byrd, A New Age for Ministry
1986 Stuart A. Plummer, Future Shock Revisited: Doing More with Less - and Enjoying It Less or More
1987 P. Wesley Aitken, Russell Dicks Gentle, Powerful and Compassionate Colleague of Richard Cabot
1988 LeRoy G. Kerney, The Art of Ministering to the Sick: A Book that Serves as a Touchstone for Hospital Ministry
1989 Harold Wilke, Emerging Lessons from the Life and Though of Russell L. Dicks: A Personal Response 
1990 Granger E. Westberg, A New Vision for the Chaplain of Tomorrow from a  Personal Friend of Russell Dicks
1991 Harold Nelson, Awaking Pastoral Intuition
1992 Frank S. Moyer, Which Mantle Will We Wear?
1993 Peggy Way, For Living Creatures: World Connectors and Resident      
1994 Harvey M. Berg, Chaplaincy: Some Future Challenges
1995 Gerald Durley, Fields to Plow, Alliances to Create
1996 Ronald M. Buch, History, Heritage, and Hope: Our Future is Now
1997 David C. Thomasma, Bioethics, Culture, Spirituality


1998        No Lecturer, Joint Conference
1999 Jeffrey M. Silberman, The Metaphor of Chaplain
2000 Delois Brown Daniels, The Real Risk of Real Partnership
2001 L. Robert Keck, The Sacred Quest of the Human Soul
2002 L. H. Mayfield, The Roots That Strenghten Our Reaching
2003 No Lecturer, Joint Conference
2004 Richard J. Lehman, Some Footnotes on a Glorious Tradition
2005 Sr. Monica Ann Lucas, Chaplaincy, By Whose Authority?
2006 John Patton, Relational Wisdom: The Chaplain's Specialty
2007 Marie M. Fortune, Morality and Abuse: Let's Get Real
2008 Peter VanKatwyk, The Living Human Document: From Anton Boisen to the Postmodernists
2009 No Lecturer, Joint Conference
2010 Ronald Ropp, Memories That Mold Us

(1948- through May, 1998)


The "Criteria for Selection” for the Anton T. Boisen Award Recipient is reproduced from the 1961 AMHC HANDBOOK.
The recipient shall be a clergyman [sic] who is a member in good standing in his particular faith group.

  • He [sic] shall have completed at least five years of mental hospital chaplaincy service to the mentally ill.
  • He shall have been a member of AMHC for at least five years.
  • He shall have demonstrated that he is above average in pastoral insights and skills.
  • He shall have evidenced some concern for relating his study of 'living human documents' to the great truths of Religion and Theology.
  • He shall have demonstrated in the hospital setting, through appropriate teaching opportunities, his insights about Religion and Health and/or his ability to conduct clinical pastoral training.
  • He shall have demonstrated that he is capable of developing satisfactory multi-disciplinary relationships with the hospital.
  • He shall have been recognized for his contributions to the community through having shared his insights in Religion, Social Welfare and Health activities.
  • He shall have demonstrated at least some interest and/or skill in appropriate research.

1959     Anton T. Boisen
1960 Thomas T. Klink
1963 William F. Rogers
1964 Jospeh J.Quinlan
1965 J. Obert Kempson
1966 Donald C. Beatty
1970 Ernest E. Bruder
1971 John I. Smith
1974 Charles J. Scott
1975 John R. Thomas
1980 Emanuel L. Lifschutz
1981 Earle T. McKnight
1982 Joseph F. Woodson
1986 Clark S. Aist
1987 George E. Doebler
1990 Richard J. Lehman*
1991 Timothy H. Little
1992 Milton P. Snyder*
1994 Thomas A. Summers
1995 Terry R. Bard
1996 Victoria B. Cowell, Melvin Sabshin
1997 Patricia W. Barrett, Jack W. Frost, Paul B. Janke, Paul C. Tomlinson
1998 David E. Carl, Jr.

*The list prior to 1990 may have omissions. Please forward any corrections to the APC office.


The Oskar Pfister Award honors the Rev. Oskar Pfister, a distinguished Swiss pastor/psychoanalyst and life-long colleague of Sigmund Freud, who promoted the dialog between psychiatry and religion. This award is presented to an individual who is dedicated to continuing that dialog. Conferred conjointly by the Committee on Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the Association of Professional Chaplains, the award and its associated lecture are presented at annual meetings of the APA.

Criteria for Selection

Recipients of the Oskar Pfister Award are those who have:

  • Made sustained professional contributions to the interfaces of psychiatry, religion and spirituality through research and clinical practice,
  • Have disseminated findings through lectures and publications that have clinical relevance to practicing psychiatrists and clergy, and
  • Been recognized by their peers for creative and original contributions to the dialogue between the fields of religion and psychiatry.

The Oskar Pfister Award was co-sponsored by the Association of Mental Health Clergy from 1983 to 1998, and thereafter by the Association of Professional Chaplains. In order to maintain continuity with this award, we have included in this one list all recipients from the AMHC (1983 – 1998) up through the Association of Professional Chaplains (1998-present).

1983        Jerome Frank, An Unprecedented Challenge to Psychiatry and Religion
1984 Wayne Oates, Some Functions of Belief in Illness and Health
1985 Viktor Frankl, Man in Search of Ultimate Meaning
1986 Hans Kung, The Repression of Religiosity
1987 Robert Lifton, The Psychology of Genocide
1988 Oliver Sacks, The Unique Case
1989 William Meissner, The Pathology of Belief Systems
1990 Peter Gay, A Godless Jew Revisited
1991 Robert Coles, The Spiritual Life of Children
1992 Paulus Mar Gregorios, Religious Masters as ‘Psychiaters’: The Therapy of Disciplined Love and Discerning Judgment
1993 Paul Fleischman, The Healing Spirit
1994 James Fowler, Healing Spirit: Psychiatry and the Dynamics of Faith
1995 Prakash Desai, Taking the Psyche Out of Psychiatry: The Case for Hindu Medicine
1996 Ann Bedford Ulanov, Ritual, Repetition and Psychic Reality
1997 Ana-Maria Rizzuto, Belief as a Psychic Function
1998 Allen E. Bergin, Religion and Mental Health
1999 Don Browning, Internists of the Mind or Doctors of the Soul
2000 Paul Ricoeur, The Difference Between the Pathological and the Normal as a Source of Respect: Therapeutic and Ethical Implications
2001 Irvin D. Yalom, Existential Psychotherapy and Religious Consolation: Convergence and Divergence
2002 David Larson (posthumous), The Nearly Forgotten Century: What a Difference a Decade Makes
2003 Abraham Twerski, Is There a Place for Spirituality in Therapy?
2004 Elizabeth Bowman, Dialogue from the Rims of the Grand Canyon: On Bridging the Post-Freudian Chasm Between Religion and Psychiatry
2005 Armand Nicholi, Jr., The Conflicting World Views of Sigmund Freud and Oskar Pfister: Keys to Understanding Patients
2006 Ned H. Cassem, Psychiatry and Spirituality at the End of Life
2007 William R. Miller, Spiritus Contra Spiritum: The Strange Case of Spirituality and Addiction
2008 Dan G. Blazer, Prozac and the Spiritual Self
2009 Kenneth I. Pargament, Religious Struggles: A Fork in the Road to Growth or Decline
2010 George E. Valliant, Toward a New Psychiatry: Valuing Positive Emotions
2011 Clark S. Aist, “The Oscar Pfister Dialogues: A Search for Meanings”
2012 Harold G. Koenig, “How Is Religion Relevant to Psychiatry?: Research and Applications”
2013 Marc Galanter MD, “What We Can Learn From Alcoholics Anonymous About Addiction Treatment, Spiritually-Oriented Recovery, & Social Neuroscience”
2014 C. Robert Cloninger, “The Three Aspects of Being Human” 
2015 Allan Josephson
2016 James W. Lomax MD 
2017 James Griffith, MD, “Hope Modules: Brief Psychotherapeutic Interventions to Counter Demoralization from Daily Stressors of Chronic Illness” 
2018 John Swinton MD PhD, “A matter of Faith? The Role of Faith in the Experiences of Christians Living with Severe Mental Health Challenges"