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2017-2019 Strategic Plan


The Association of Professional Chaplains promotes quality chaplaincy care through advocacy, education, professional standards and service to its members.

  • Strengthen the multifaith and multicultural professional competency of chaplains.
  • Empower chaplains to demonstrate quality outcomes to those whom they serve.
  • Demonstrate the distinctive value of professional chaplaincy which can be understood by external stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with accrediting and hiring institutions, as well as other organizations with which we have a common interest, in order to promote professional chaplaincy.

  • Dignity and worth of all persons.
  • Faith as an essential dimension of wholeness.
  • Chaplaincy care of persons, communities, organizations and systems.
  • Inclusivity and diversity.
  • Justice and equality for all.
  • Professional competency and ethical practice.

Consensus on Initiatives:
  1. Research
  2. Technology
  3. Education

1.      Support Research to Advance  Professional Chaplaincy

A.     Conduct Market Research

  1. Implement an independent member needs assessment for the purpose of capturing data regarding member preferences, opinions and demographic
  2. Implement a health care administrators needs assessment for the purpose of understanding, defining and identifying what they look for in a chaplain
  3. Customer research

B.      Support initiatives that capture evidence based research for, by and about chaplains

  1. Joint Research Council (JRC)
  2. Transforming Chaplaincy
  3. Research literate training

2.      Expand Collaborative Partnerships and Strategic Alliances that Support Professional Chaplaincy

a.      Develop and implement an Advisory Council to advocate for our members.     
b.      Cognate Groups


3.      Lead in Professional Development for Chaplains

a.      Develop and implement an integrated education platform across the association’s educational offerings
b.      Develop and implement a leadership symposium with the cognate groups
c.      Support specialty certification through course development


4.      Optimize Technology/Innovation to Enhance Professional Chaplaincy

a.      Develop greater opportunities to increase member engagement through technology and social media
b.      Determine technology needs of APC and build a plan for a new website/software provider
c.      Examine current processes in light of increased technology such as certification, education, membership and advocacy.