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Ideas from COVID-19 Round-table calls

This page has been updated with ideas that were shared during the APC COVID-19 Round-table calls:

Supporting Staff:
  • Utilize space unused space during this time for staff support such as repurposing “Family Lounge” space or other unused visiting space into “Recharge Rooms.”
  • Work/encourage institutions to provide food and refreshments for hospital staff.  Some institutions can get donations, but food and refreshment are needed nourishment for staff.  If possible, move through the unit to inform other staff when food is available, this can be a good way to meet other staff members.
  • Be prepared for anger and resentment among staff as they deal with this difficult time.
  • If you notice staff displaying anxious behavior, you may not want to dissect their anxiety but distract them from it while they continue to work.
  • Expect to see a lot of post-traumatic stress when this crisis has passed.  If you are not currently working inside your institution, practice resilience for yourself for when the crisis is over.
  • Sometimes your best outcome is to help the staff manage the stress/anxiety of the day/shift so that they can continue to serve.
Supporting Patients:

  • Call on recovered COVID patients one week after discharge to talk with them about their experience, what is different for them now?  This can be useful for talking to other COVID patients still suffering and others now in recovery.
Notes from Long Term Care call:

*How to connect in independent living without being face to face. Not being able to visit other units in CCRC. Technology can be an obstacle (teaching how to use Zoom as a potential way of connecting).
*Doing devotions, sending out sacred readings.
*Communion in rooms with what they have.
*Walking Worship
secured neighborhood in memory care - walk with them and bring along Scripture verse (Psalm 23, the Lord's Prayer) - develop sense of presence (safely and at a six foot distance). Question of the day: what gives you joy? what are you thankful for? In other areas, take Scripture right to their room - ask if they would like to hear it, freedom to accept or decline offer. Many have accepted.
*Sharing written communication has been helpful.
*Staff now considered "essential" - but weren't until last week.
*Check in with nursing staff daily - if possible, mindful of their busyness.
*Reach out to staff.
*Find ways to reach out while being "locked out" (i.e. physical presence).
*Use phone a lot.
*Everyone is masked. Practice social distancing.
*Does written devotions three times a week.
*Handing out mail has become a connecting point with residents. Has been exhausting at times too.
*Hymns in the Hallway
-six people max in the hallway, use speaker, share moment of thought
*Just began "visit in place" last week. Do have closed circuit tv.
*Internal cable channel for singalongs and worship.
*Weekly newsletter
*Residents receiving mailed cards from the community has been meaningful to them
*Work with community clergy
*Consider how to handle funerals
*Are able to still have Bible study up to ten people with six feet of social distancing.
*Do have channel to share worship on.
Future calls could be structured in a similar way, this is working well, this is where we are struggling.
Pandemic is "tying our hands"
Still reaching out in a spiritual way
"Can't wait, need to create. Don't worry about failing."
"Necessity is the mother of invention."