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Update: APC 2017 Membership Satisfaction Survey, Part Two

APC Forum, September 2018, Vol. 20 No.6
Part One of this article ran in the June 2018 APC Forum.

APC’s revised Strategic Funding Initiative program is just one example of how the results of the survey are being utilized to offer new or improved services. Survey respondents identified research and furthering the profession as key reasons why they belong to the association and the APC board used this information to initiate a program.  The aim of the Strategic Funding Initiative is to review the amount of reserve funds each year and when possible award money to initiatives that look to improve the profession while also advancing the mission, vision and values of the association. Since being approved by the APC board, the strategic fund has allocated more than $35,000 in funding to individuals and groups who are performing important research for the profession.  Some of these funds have been used to support Transforming Chaplaincy Pilot Grants which you can learn more about in this edition of the Forum.

Another takeaway from the 2017 Membership Satisfaction Survey is that attendees to the Annual Conference rated the event highly and well regarded.  While APC is always looking for ways to improve, we were delighted to see that the Annual Conference continues to be a strong performer in our suite of educational opportunities.  APC is looking at ways to improve our other educational events including webinars and symposiums by pulling in more relevant topics and speakers, adjusting prices and member discounts and even looking for ways to offer APC members exclusive low cost webinar content. 

This year’s conference was held jointly with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains and our 2020 Conference will be held with all of APC’s Strategic Partners in Chaplaincy including NACC, NAJC, ACPE and CASC/ACSS. These two events along with the recent announcements from the Strategic Partners represent APC’s efforts to address another important issue that was raised during the Membership Satisfaction Survey, working closer with our allies.  APC’s board continues to coordinate efforts and events with those groups that share our values and vision of professional chaplaincy. 

Lastly, we are working to address the need for advocacy for the profession. For starters, APC has been working on resources that better explain the benefits that Board Certified Chaplains bring to their institutions of employment and their colleagues.  In addition, APC and NACC have contracted with SullivanCotter and Associates to conduct a Salary Survey this fall for the profession.  This survey will help inform our member chaplains of the pay they can expect depending on their region, certification status and more.  APC continues to promote the benefits of professional chaplains as well as areas of Specialty Certification.  Presently APC offers advanced certification for Palliative Care and Hospice as well as our new Military Specialty certification, which was developed in conjunction with the Military Chaplains Association.  As we continue to enhance our suite of Professional Advocacy materials for chaplains, we welcome additional insights into what resources and platforms would be most helpful.

There was much to take away from the 2017 Membership Satisfaction Survey and much more work still needs to be done.  The board and staff as well as several of the APC committees are using the information gathered from the survey to help inform the direction and decisions that APC makes for the future.  Some of the initiatives identified by the survey will take considerable financial and staff resources and require long-term planning to implement them, other items are achievable on a shorter time frame and with less resources.  Our goal is to use carful thought and measure when taking the next steps for the association but we want you to know that we have heard you and we are taking steps to better serve you.