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COVID-19 Resources

The Association of Professional Chaplains is proud to call ourselves leaders in spiritual care.  Below are links to resources curated by leaders in healthcare, safety and disease control that pertain to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To view current/ongoing discussions by chaplains regarding spiritual care during COVID-19, we recommend visiting the APC Facebook Group -

The APC Facebook Group currently has several posts and threads discussing ideas, resources and best practices for chaplains during this unprecedented event. Please note that you need to be a member of the APC Facebook page to post to the page, but anyone can view and read posts.  If you choose to post on the page, we ask you to please read the rules regarding what are admissible posts/topics for discussion.

For the lastest statement from the APC President regarding COVID-19 Click Here.

Spiritual Care Resources: 

Information/Best Practices-

APC Facebook Discussion Page

APC COVID-19 Round-table Zoom calls (see individual sessions for details)

Spiritual Care -Telechaplaincy Volunteer Registration

A Quick Guide to Providing Telechaplaincy Services

Chaplains in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis
by The Rev. Paul Yoon, BCC 

Healing the Healers Specail Edition - Hospital Chaplains on Spiritual Frontlines during COVID-19 (website is in German, google translate compatible)

ERICH News - April 2020

UC San Diego Health - COVID-19 Resource for Healthcare Workers
- Note: We are happy for anyone/any institution to use and make it their own.  
   The institution logo and pager number can be swapped out of the "heading" to customize.  
   Thank you all for the amazing work you are doing in your corners.  
   Allison Kestenbaum, MA, MPA, BCC, ACPE Certified Educator
   Supervisor of CPE Program & Palliative Care Chaplain 

NPR Interview with Chaplain Mike Yonkers BCC

Notes on the ethical framework for a pandemic - PDF

Proposed Emergency/ICU Triage Protocol based on Jewish Values

COVID-19 Language/Word Choice Guide

Chaplaincy Innovation Lab:
- CIL - Webinar recording on Telechaplaincy
- CIL - Resources for encountering coronavirus

Transforming Chaplaincy

Article from The Times of Israel - "While working remotely, chaplains aim to give COVID-19 patients rare human touch"

You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup: Why Clinicians'? Spiritual Health Matters in the Time of COVID-19 by Elizabeth J. Berger MS APBCC

Chaplains & COVID in the Media:

NPR Interview with Chaplain Mike Yonkers BCC

NYT - Men and Women Who Run Toward the Dying

'Hurry, he's dying': A chaplain’s journal chronicles a pandemic's private wounds

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Self Care Resources: 

Decompress Podcast by Tony Black

Speciality Resources:

HHS COVID-19 HIPPA Limited Waiver Bulletin

National Coalition for Hospice and Palliative Care

FEMA Emergency Managment Institute - Self Instruction courses

Ventilator - Emergency Expansion Device from Prisma Health - VESper

Healthcare Resources:

COVID-19 Global Cases from CSSE at Johns Hopikins University

CDC - Stress and Coping

COVID-19 Data Center - Johns Hopkins University

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) COVID-19 Projections

If you have additional resources you would like us to consider adding to this list, you may email them to