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Ways to Give

Empowering the Profession

Empowering our profession means building the future with resources and funding necessary to promote quality spiritual care of persons by professional chaplains as an essential dimension of total care provided by public and private human service organizations.

Equipping the Members

Chaplaincy care is proven to contribute to overall health and well-being. Your support will help us fund educational events and professional publications that strengthen our members and reinforce the presence of chaplaincy care in numerous, diverse institutional settings.

Shaping the Future of Our Profession: A Call to Commitment

Through endowment, grants and annual giving, APC® strives to advocate for a culture of holistic health that supports the continuum of spirit, body and mind. Individual and corporate financial support of APC will provide for avenues to carry out the mission of the association.

Your gift to the Association of Professional Chaplains® will help equip chaplains for the essential ministry to persons in crisis in various institutional settings throughout our country, including hospitals, hospices, retirement facilities, long-term care, prisons and the workplace. As an interfaith, nonprofit professional association, APC serves over 4,000 chaplains involved in chaplaincy care, representing more than 150 faith groups and ministering in over 15 specialty areas. Because the care they provide impacts thousands of persons in crisis each day, APC is committed to providing resources and support for their work.

Your financial contribution today will support the critical work of the Association of Professional Chaplains. With your gift, you will take a significant part in shaping our profession for the future. Your gifts will support the current work of our association as we:
  • Champion the professional practice of chaplaincy
  • Provide continuing education
  • Recruit and encourage practitioners of diverse backgrounds
  • Establish and maintain standards and ethics of professional practice
  • Advocate for the integration of chaplaincy care in human services
  • Provide resources for collaboration with transdiciplinary professional associations
There are numerous ways to offer your financial support to the association, such as a gift to honor or remember someone you care about, a regular annual contribution to our annual fund or remembering the association in your will. Whatever the size of your gift, your financial support makes it possible for the association to fund innovative projects and special activities. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

"When we give, we make real the idea of love in a suffering world. Giving frees us from the fear of scarcity to a wide-eyed joy - the joy of discovering again the incredible, abundant grace that surrounds and empowers us. Giving equips others to be agents of compassion and healing."

 - Dick Millspaugh BCC, past APC president

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Spirit Of Celebration Annual Fund

Equipping and empowering through annual giving

Each year, the APC Board of Directors gives priority to various new initiatives or ongoing commitments that need additional funding. APC seeks to empower our profession and equip our members through new advocacy efforts and increasing attention to scholarships for members who need financial assistance for continuing education. Your gift to the Spirit of Celebration Annual Fund will enhance the ability of APC to meet critical goals. And know that your gifts are accompanied by support of the leadership of the association. Since our founding in 1997, 100% of the APC Board of Directors has consistently contributed to the annual fund.

Advocacy for Inclusivity and Diversity

In specialized ministry settings, chaplains serve people of all faith backgrounds, races, ethnic origins, sexual orientations, gender identities and abilities/disabilities. APC is developing new initiatives to increase membership of persons of religious and ethnic minorities so that our professional association will mirror the diversity of the world we serve. Empowering the profession of chaplaincy means equipping all chaplains with the resources and professional standards with which to serve our communities and institutions more effectively. Contributions for advocacy will support initiatives to recruit, train and support minority ethnic clergy and qualified laity toward board certification.

"When we strengthen the diversity of our membership, we will grow from the gifts we offer each other."
- Rev. Richard Stewart BCC, past president

Advocacy For Professional Chaplaincy In Health Care

Sparked by an idea from APC and funded by a generous grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb, the major pastoral care organizations of North America researched and produced a compelling white paper entitled Professional Chaplaincy: Its Role and Importance in Healthcare. While the original grant funded the production of the first consensus statement of its kind on the meaning and practice of chaplaincy care, it will take significant financial contributions to distribute our research to health care executives and produce additional creative materials to advocate for professional chaplaincy in all health care settings. Your help is needed. This story is too important to be left untold.

". . . the body alone cannot be effective if the mind, heart and soul are ignored."

- The White Paper

Scholarships For Professional Development

As institutional budgets become increasingly stretched, chaplains throughout the country are left without resources for essential professional development and continuing education. APC offers financial scholarships to chaplains who need assistance to attend the APC annual conferences, particularly as they are welcomed into the association as board certified chaplains.

Your gift will make it possible for chaplains to benefit from peer interaction and quality educational presentations, and stay abreast of the most current research with colleagues in the field of chaplaincy care.

Your generous help is needed to help assure
that people throughout our communities know of the meaning and practice of chaplaincy care in specialized settings, and that all chaplains can benefit from the resources of a growing professional organization.

"When I applied for the APC scholarship, my hours had been cut due to financial concerns at my facility. I was anxious to come to the conference, especially since I had recently completed my requirements to become a board certified chaplain. Along with other assistance, the support from APC enabled me to attend this important conference and strengthen my professional relationships and enjoy educational stimulation. I desire to offer high quality chaplaincy care and enjoy the challenge of the workshops provided."

"Your gift to the scholarship fund will enable chaplains, particularly those experiencing financial pressures, to celebrate their board certification with colleagues, to develop meaningful professional relationships, and gain resources to strengthen chaplaincy care in their local community."

- Chaplain Derry James, DMin BCC
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Grass Valley, CA

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Honorarium and Memorial Gifts 

A thoughtful way to remember a loved one, colleague, minister or friend who has touched your life is to make a gift in their honor or memory to the Association of Professional Chaplains' In Tribute fund. Gifts made in memory or in honor of the people who are important to you will extend their legacy of caring to many others. Your gift will support our mission to strengthen the ministry and professional development of chaplains. And their ministry touches countless lives with compassion.

Your In Tribute gift is a meaningful way to express gratitude for someone's care for you, to honor someone who has died, or to celebrate special events in someone's life. For each memorial or honor gift, a letter of recognition is sent to the individual or their family naming you as the donor. In addition, your name and the one whom you honor will be recognized on the APC Web site.

Your In Tribute gift can . . .
  • Express gratitude for someone who helped you
  • Celebrate a birthday or anniversary
  • Honor a special event
  • Recognize the gifts of a colleague
  • Honor someone you love
  • Remember a loved one who has died
  • Recognize the anniversary of a death

Your gift of gratitude lets another know how much you care for them and empowers our profession of faith for the future.

"On a cold January morning several years ago, my mother and I drove away from her home in the midwest toward Atlanta. Having recently lived through the death of her husband of 52 years, she was considering relocating to be closer to us. Two hours into our trip, after a stop for breakfast, I heard my mother gasp and saw her head slump back on the passenger seat. Because we were on a stretch of our journey with few service areas or even interstate exits, almost an hour lapsed before an ambulance could arrive with help. Though a rural farmer had begun CPR, I knew by then she had severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Before we pulled into the hospital, the ambulance driver radioed ahead and requested that a chaplain meet me at the emergency room. Alone in a strange town, the chaplain reassured me she would stay with me. After hours of the formalities of declaring death, she had gone with me to view the body, helped organize transportation to another state, and reached my family across two other states. She was compassionate and comforting to me during such an unexpected trauma. Though I cannot remember her name, my gift to the APC honors her."

- Pamela S. Ford, Atlanta, GA

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Charitable Gift Annuities

Secure a lifetime of income while enjoying the personal satisfaction of supporting the mission of the Association of Professional Chaplains by establishing a charitable gift annuity. A gift annuity is a simple contract between you and a charitable organization. In exchange for your irrevocable gift of cash or securities, the charity agrees to pay you or another person a fixed sum for life.

Charitable gift annuities offer significant benefits:
  • Your rate of return may be significantly higher than that of a CD or money market.
  • A percentage of your gift annuity can be deducted as a charitable contribution.
  • You may receive more income than current investments.
  • A large part of your annual payment is tax-free.
  • You will enjoy a lifetime of income and personal satisfaction.

For more information, contact the APC national office, 847.240.1014.

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Remembering APC in Your Will 

Though there is a tendency to overlook the extent of what one owns, the importance of a will should be given serious consideration. While none of us is ready for death, planning for the time of our death helps assure that our wishes are followed and that those we care about are remembered. The federal government and most states impose harsh death taxes. Those who die without a will leave their families at the mercy of the government to step in and adjudicate, forfeiting as much as 50% of their estate. With proper planning, establishing a will may help you and your family avoid high taxes and direct this money instead to friendships and institutions that you cherish. In many cases, any assets given to a qualified not for profit institution after your lifetime are tax free.

Remembering APC in your will through a gift of any portion of your lifetime earnings can offer the association significant potential to expand its goals and better serve the needs of professional chaplains as they care for others. Even if we might consider our salaries or our annual contributions to be modest, we might be surprised to learn what 10, 20 or 30% of all we have accumulated in our lives is worth upon our death. And even more surprised to consider what a huge impact it can have for years to come. Won't you consider remembering the Association of Professional Chaplains in your will? What a fine witness and legacy to your life's work that would be!

For questions about leaving a charitable gift to the Association of Professional Chaplains, please consult your attorney or estate planner as you prepare your will.

Rev. Robert E. Otto died August 18, 1998 in Chicago. A board certified chaplain since 1974, he served as Director of Chaplain Services at Anna State Hospital, Anna, Illinois and later became Chaplain in the Psychiatric Services Department at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL. In his retirement, Otto was active as a pastoral counselor and assisted in preaching in many Lutheran parishes in the Chicago area. As a chaplain, he exhibited a life of service of commitment to the profession of chaplaincy and at his death he bestowed a gift of a portion of his estate to the former College of Chaplains. In 1999, Otto was recognized posthumously for his outstanding contributions to the pastoral community in the Chicago area, including two terms as President of the Metropolitan Ecumenical Chicago Chaplains Association. A frequent attendee of national conferences, he encouraged participation and leadership in national pastoral care organizations. Gifts such as Otto's honor his lifetime of commitment to his professional association and contribute to the association's ability to expand services to our members. Bob's passion was for education and learning and his contribution was used for educational programs that would share his gift with many other members. The legacy of his spirit through his generous service and unselfish gifts are greatly appreciated

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Designated Funds 

Special gifts to APC allowed the creation of three designated funds. The following funds continue to receive contributions to aid in the promotion of education, research and programs for the association.

The Obert Kempson Fund

Founded by the Association of Mental Health Clergy, this fund was transferred to APC in 1998 with the goal of providing funds for research activities or compilation of information and data already accumulated in completed studies. Contributions to this fund are applied to current research efforts of the association.

The Charles and Shirley Phillips Endowed Lecture Fund

The endowed lecture fund was established through a generous gift from Charles Phillips, a former board certified chaplain of the association. Continued today by his children, this fund provides resources for a major designated speaker at each APC national conference.

The Clarke and Sharon Mundhenke Endowment Fund

This endowment was initially funded in 2007 by Sharon and Clarke Mundhenke BCC through the gift of a corn crop harvested from their family farm. The purpose of the endowment is to financially support the Association of Professional Chaplains mission and programs today and into the future, with a preference for supporting a speaker for the Anton Boisen and Russell Dicks memorial lecture at APC annual conferences. Additional gifts may be added to the principal of the endowment.

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Contribution and Pledge Form 

Pledge  Form (PDF)


For more information about how you can support chaplaincy care through the Association of Professional Chaplains, please contact APCTM at 847.240.1014 or