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March 2018 Vol. 20 No. 2

A Message from APC President
by Martha H. Rucker MDiv BCC CT 
Happy Spring to all my fellow chaplains. I find this a truly rejuvenating time of year.  APC is also looking to sprout new shoots of opportunity during the spring time and we are always delighted to share what we have been working on and what we have planned going forward.  One way for each of you to keep on top of APC’s goals is to review the Strategic Plan the association and its leadership have crafted.  The current APC Strategic Plan reflects the priorities of the association and our member’s interests.

The 2017-19 Strategic Plan focuses on four priorities for the association; research, partnerships, professional development, and optimizing the profession and the organization through the use of technology.  The goals are lofty but also well within reach for APC as several are already underway... Read More


APC Joins Strategic Partners in Rome
by Rev. Ronald C. Oliver PhD MBA BCC

Leaders of NAJC, NACC, ACPE, and APC had the opportunity to represent their organizations at the Pontificia Academia Pro Vita in Rome, Italy.  The conference, “Palliative Care: Everywhere & By Everyone,” brought together nearly 350 individuals from around the world to advance the belief that palliative care must be available for everyone in every region of the world.  More than twenty speakers conveyed the sentiment that the suffering of the sick and dying must be a priority of every society.  David Clark (Glasgow, UK) quoting Cicely Sauders, noted, “A society which shuns the dying must have an incomplete philosophy.”...   Read More   

Call for APC Board Nominations

Serving in leadership is one of the most important ways for members to contribute to and shape the work and mission of APC. As a member of APC you are encouraged to consider and submit qualified Nominations for the APC Board of Directors, including self-nominations.  Only current Board Certified Chaplains may be considered for these important positions. 
Each member has gifts and talents that can contribute to the ongoing success of APC.
... Read More
APC Contributes to The Joint Commission Article on Chaplains Impact
Synopsis of “Body, Mind, Spirit: Hospital Chaplains Contribute to Patient Satisfaction and Well-Being” published in The Source.  Part 1 was published in January 2018, part 2 was published in February 2018.  The Source is a publication from The Joint Commission.

The article Body, Mind, Spirit: Hospital Chaplains Contribute to Patient Satisfaction and Well-Being uses research and observations on the training, work, and performance of Hospital Chaplains and relates that data to the chaplain’s impact on the health and welfare of patients. This two-part article delves into the important work that chaplains provide to patients and their colleagues and expounds on the benefits they provide, including positive patient experiences, improved health and wellness, family satisfaction and better work environments for staff and colleagues.... Read More

2018 APC/NACC Joint Conference
Early Bird Registration Ends April 13, 2018

Register Today for the 2018 APC/NACC Joint Conference in Anaheim California, July 12-15 2018.

This year's conference includes an expansive list of workshopsprofessional development intensivesplenary speakers as well as great opportunities to confer with your colleagues and grow as a professional.  Because this year's conference is being held jointly with the National Association of Catholic Chaplains you will be sure to see new faces and hear some new ideas.  We hope you will review all of our education opportunities and register to join us in Anaheim! ...Share


Safe Places
by Jessica Alamo Melecio MTS BCC
*Warning - this article contains strong language

During my residency on a Sunday morning I walked into the adolescent psychiatric unit ready to lead spirituality group. I was both excited and nervous to share the lesson that day. Excited because I love to teach and had prepared a new lesson I was looking forward to sharing. I was nervous because it was well-known amongst our department that this particular group could go any direction at any time.             

I was greeted by a psychiatric nurse and as we exchanged pleasantries a patient walked in. The patient, a young male about 17 years old, looked up at me and said, "Ah great...Read More

BCCI Now Accepting Applications for Millitary Specialty Certification (BCC-MC)

As of March 2018, APC and BCCI are now accepting applications for Board Certified Chaplain - Military Specialty Certification.  To learn more about the process that was followed to create the BCC-MC certification in collaboration with the Military Chaplains Association, please review this article by Dr. Jan McCormack BCC from the November 2017 edition of the APC Forum.  To learn more about the requirements and process of obtaining the Board Certified Chaplain - Military Specialty Certification, please visit the BCC-MC page on the BCCI website...Share

New Spiritual Care Podcast

The Humankind Public Radio program, distributed by NPR, has released a special new series, The Spiritual Care Podcast. To date, five half-hour episodes are available, with many more in production. It is produced by award-wining Humankind host David Freudberg with funding from the Henry Luce Foundation. The podcast tells stories of caregivers, including chaplains and kindred professionals...Read More

Serious Illness Round-table Workshop

On April 17, 2018, the Roundtable on Quality Care for People with Serious Illness will host a public workshop, Implementing Quality Measures for Accountability in Community-based Care for People with Serious Illness. The workshop program will begin with a conversation about what quality care means for patients, families, and caregivers, and will explore ways to better align quality information and resources to reflect their values and needs. The workshop begins at 8:30am ET, and it is free and will be webcast live. Please visit the agenda to learn more information...Read More



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APC extends our sympathy to the family and friends of members who have died. Memorials are listed on the website in alphabetical order by last name.

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