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May 2017 Vol. 19 No. 3

Message from APC President
Kimberly Murman, MDiv MBA BCC
It has been a busy start to 2017!  I am here to let you know that in spite of specific difficult situations and a generalized understanding that healthcare changes nationally may challenge many of us going forward, chaplaincy really is growing and deepening both here and abroad.  As part of my term as President of APC, I have directed volunteer leadership and the national office staff to explore new and innovative ways that APC can provide additional services and resources to our members.  As you can imagine, creating new ways for members to engage and grow with APC is challenging and time consuming, but an increasing number of professional chaplains are thirsty for new opportunities to develop and improve their professional connections and resources and I know that APC is best suited to lead this charge....Read More

APC and BCCI Continue to Promote Updates to Qualifications for Certification

In 2004, six chaplain and spiritual care organizations collaborated to create and affirm the Common Standards for Professional Chaplaincy. To date, these standards have been widely accepted by spiritual care organizations and practicing chaplains around the world with the collective goal of delivering the greatest possible spiritual care.

As our profession continues to grow and advance, the five remaining certifying organizations convened to review and update these standards with input from chaplains that have gone through the certification process and serve professionally as a Board Certified Chaplain in order to maintain the quality of our certification... Read More

Final Days to Pre-Register for the APC Annual Conference  

Pre-registration for the APC Annual Conference ends this week.  Register by midnight on Sunday, May 14th in order to save on your conference registration compared to On-site registration fees.  Learn More about the annual conference and Register Now!.... Share

Sin, Confession and Forgiveness in Spiritual Care
by Rabbi Jeffery M. Silberman, BCC

Among the most common dynamics that chaplains encounter in the provision of spiritual care is guilt, sin and forgiveness.  Not at all unusual, as many patients associate the fact of their illness or hospitalization with having done something sinful. Simple theological understanding instructs one that there is a direct consequence between having done something wrong and their present situation.  It is imagined that whatever the person once did is the direct cause of their present medical circumstance. For chaplains, this inference becomes an opportunity to work with someone to address perceived sin and help move that person toward spiritual healing.... Read More

Call for APC Professional Education Webinar Proposals
The APC Education Committee is in the process of planning webinars for the remainder of 2017 and beyond. Chaplains and their professional colleagues are invited to submit proposals for 90-minute presentations. There have been many requests for webinar presentations that take the next step beyond the basics and push us into new areas of education and reflection.
Presenting a webinar is a way to “give back,” gain recognition in your field, advance the profession and support your colleagues. APC webinars attract an average of 60-100 participating sites with a total of 300-500 individual participants... Read More
Between the Pictures
by Matthew Alexander, MDiv MA BCC
I continue to be touched by death; the sadness, the struggle, the search for meaning and the hunger for hope that encompasses death.  I have sat with so many people facing death this past year but one man and his wife have remained with me.  After 67 years of marriage, Mrs. Patrick was not ready to let her husband go.  He was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease, bedbound, confused with limited verbalization, and very frail.  Mrs. Patrick always talked about how strong a man he was and how hard he worked to provide for his family.  In hearing her stories, I couldn’t help but think about how a once strong man, vital, full of purpose and meaning, was now reduced to a life bound to his bed completely dependent on others.  His quality of life, and the man the family knew, had diminished...Read More

No Room: 
by David Ro, MDiv BCC

No room to
capture raw
emotion, as if
I could, no
words to pin
down the wing-
span of meaning
for the weight now
in this room, heaving
air, each chests’ rise
like his
moments before
the demise of his
lungs gently, fin-
ally cru-
shing langu-
age out
of us


Important Information for APC Members

APC is working to broaden Member Engagement efforts on the national and local level in order to best understand the needs of our members and respond to your requests quickly and efficiently.  One of the ways that APC strives to involve chaplains is through our State leaders who volunteer their time and resources and serve as points of contact for APC members.  Do you know who your APC State leader is or how to contact him/her?  We are encouraging all APC members to follow the steps below to find out and take a moment to reach out and introduce yourself to your State leader.  Connecting members to the volunteer leadership at APC is just one way for you to get engage and include your voice in the shared efforts of APC...Read More

Resource Reviews for Continuing Education and Reference May 2017

Healing the Heart and Mind with Mindfulness: Ancient Path, Present Moment
Malcom Huxter (New York: Routledge Press, 2016, 224 pages, softcover, Kindle)

Read More


Learn More about the Claremont School of Theology

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APC extends our sympathy to the family and friends of members who have died. Memorials are listed on the website in alphabetical order by last name.

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