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The Impact of Professional Spiritual Care

APC Forum, September 2019, Vol. 21 No. 5

In December of 2018 APC, along with our Strategic Partners, published the digital book “The Impact of Professional Spiritual Care.”  This resource was designed to help chaplains inform colleagues, supervisors, potential employers and others about professional chaplaincy.   Since its publication, APC has received great feedback from our members who are successfully using thePDF/Flipbook as a resource to teach others about professional spiritual care and the impact it has for care recipients as well as institutions.

Inside “The Impact of Professional Spiritual Care” readers will find 4 sections that pertain to understanding professional chaplaincy, including: Demystifying Spiritual Care; Professional Chaplains Qualifications and Competencies; Professional Chaplains Standards of Practice; and The Evidence for Spiritual Care.  Each of these sections includes background, research and data on the benefits of spiritual care and the impact that professional chaplains bring to their institutions.

For a deeper dive and additional talking points related to these sections, you can refer to the “what’s inside” section for the publication on the APC website.

Section 1 - Demystifying Spiritual Care

Section 2 - Professional Chaplains’ Qualifications and Competencies

Section 3 - Professional Chaplains’ Standards of Practice

Section 4 - The Evidence for Spiritual Care

Now, we would like to hear more from you.  Send your feedback and thoughts about this publication to with “IPSC Pub” in the subject line.  Your feedback is important for future editions of this resource and may be helpful to others in the profession. 

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