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Membership Renewal and C.E. Records Submissions begin October 2018

APC Forum, September 2018, Vol. 20 No. 6

As Fall approaches, APC is starting to prepare for our annual dues cycle which is slated to begin at the end of September of 2018.  Later this month APC office will begin to issue annual dues renewal invoices as well as BCCI Fee invoices.  APC members do not need to make any payments now; however, members should take this time to log into their member profile to ensure their information is up to date and accurate before the renewal process begins in September. In addition we encourage all members to keep an eye out for future emails related to your APC membership. 

All members will start to receive automated emails beginning in October to help remind them of the following important responsibilities they need to address to maintain their membership and/or secure their Board Certification, these requirements may include:
  • Pay annual APC Membership Dues
  • Certified Chaplains will need to pay their Maintenance of Certification Fees
  • Certified Chaplains will need to submit their Continuing Education records accumulated during 2017-18 (due in January of 2019)
  • Certified Chaplains will need to sign their Annual Accountability of Ethical Conduct statement (an online link will be sent separately)
Once invoices are issued in September, members will be able to view, print and pay their invoices online by logging into their APC Member Profile.  If you do not know how to log into your APC member account or if you need assistance please call the APC office at (847) 240-1014 or email

If you know that your employer requires an updated letter to verify your certification, please contact the APC Office in the coming weeks so that we can be prepared to issue you your "Verification of Certification" letter in a timely manner once you have remitted your fees/dues.