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Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program - Call for Applications

by Elyse Salend, MSW

APC Forum, November 2017, Vol. 19 No. 7

It is my pleasure to inform you that the call for the 2018 Sojourns Scholars Leadership Program officially kicks off on December 1, and to share with you the exciting news that the Cambia Health Foundation has expanded the program to include all members of the interdisciplinary palliative care team. We are accepting applications from emerging leaders in the field who are physicians, nurses, social workers, physician assistants, chaplains, psychologists, pharmacists and other health system leaders. 
Why are we doing this? It’s really quite simple. 
We recognize that passionate leaders who can move the field forward come from diverse backgrounds and multiple disciplines.  The Cambia Health Foundation is investing in emerging leaders to provide palliative care across settings so that patients and families can access it wherever they want when they need it most. Please take a moment to listen to the Foundation’s board chair and president, Peggy Maguire, talk about the program
I’d like to ask you for a favor. If you know someone who you would consider to be an emerging leader in palliative care, could you please forward them this and ask them to consider applying to be a Sojourns Scholar? Or, if you have colleagues who you think might want to share this announcement with someone they know, please forward it to them. 
Here is background information about the program and instructions for how to apply. 
The Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program is designed to identify, cultivate and advance the next generation of palliative care leaders. As part of the scholarship program, Sojourns Scholars receive $180,000 in funding ($90,000/year over a two-year grant) to conduct an innovative and impactful clinical, policy, education or research project in the field of palliative care, as well as execute a leadership development plan designed to support growth as a leader in the field. 
Interested parties must submit a Letter of Intent by February 1, 2018. After review, a select group of applicants will be invited to submit full applications by June 1, 2018. Please find details about eligibility at Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program page
Elyse Salend, MSW is the Program Officer at Cambia Health Foundation and can be reached at or by phone at 530-499-1340.