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A Hospitalization

by David Ro, MDiv BCC
APC Forum, June 2017, Vol. 19 No. 4
This is not what you should do: a mother,
young, had probably double-checked, then backed
her car into her two year-old child, his legs cracked
and scrapes and bruises on his arms, his face all over.
And then, in the emergency room, seeing the horror
of this young woman, the guilt. Anyone with tact
wouldn’t dare say, “it’s not your fault” when, in fact,
of course it was, but you wouldn’t say that either.
But this is true, that maternal instinct which drove her
alongside the ambulance, her heart racing and racked
with a thousand blames and how she would reenact
that scene a thousand times, she might discover
at this time it cannot be about what was done
but who she is to her trembling, bandaged son.
David Ro is married to Lisa and they have three children, Kathy, Theo, and Emilyn. He enjoys exercising, cooking and scheming things over good coffee. He is a staff chaplain at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington.

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