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APC Announces 2017-18 Board of Directors Nominees

Rev. Martha Rucker BCC, APC President-elect
APC Forum, June 2017, Vol. 19 No. 4
The Nominating and Board Leadership Development Committee is pleased to announce the candidates for the positions of officer (Secretary) and three directors on the 2017-2018 APC Board of Directors with terms beginning November 1, 2017. The APC Board Leadership and Nominating Committee has submitted the following candidates for consideration by the Association of Professional Chaplains membership:
Secretary (one-year term)
Rev. Jon A. Overvold MDiv BCC , Senior Director, Mission and Spiritual Care, NYU Langone Health Centers, New York, NY
Director (three-year term)
Rev. Joby Brown MDiv BCC, Chaplain, Ascension Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
Director (three-year term)
Rabbi Jodie Futornick BCC, Staff Chaplain and Ethics Consultant, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Director (three-year term)
Rev. Amy Karriker BCC, Director of Chaplaincy, Cohen Children's Medical Center, New Hyde Park, NY
Under APC's governance structure, each officer serves a one-year term and then moves up. Therefore, the secretary will move to treasurer, then to president-elect and then to president.
Pursuant to the APC bylaws and governance model, all association members who are certified and in good standing (with the exception of inactive members, students and affiliates) may submit candidates for the respective position(s) by petition containing the signatures of 10% of the voting membership. Petitions must be received by Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 5:00 pm (CT) at the APC national office. If petitions are received, an election by electronic or mail ballot containing those nominated by the APC Board Leadership and Nominating Committee and those nominated by petition will be conducted between August 1, 2017 and August 31, 2017, with the election results announced September 1, 2017. If no petitions are received, the candidates shall be considered elected by the membership. 

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