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A Call for Spiritual Care Research Volunteers

APC™ Forum, February 2017, Vol. 19 No. 1
U.S. healthcare pay-for-performance necessitates objectification of the results of clinical pastoral/spiritual care in order to provide demonstrable, replicable, evidence based best practices resulting in desired outcomes. Toward that end a content analysis of the 83 spiritual care case vignettes in The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook, Volume One (Judson, 2015) identified and italicized words and phrases suggesting effectiveness. The most effective five cases (six or more words and/or phrases indicating effectiveness) underwent a more thorough analysis. A generic evidence based spiritual care best practice protocol toward replication of multiple instances of effectiveness was constructed from the material in the five vignettes indicating greatest effectiveness. It is hypothesized that when this generic evidence based spiritual care best practice protocol is used by a similar number of experienced spiritual caregivers and clinical pastoral education students, a significantly higher ratio of effective results will be obtained when compared to the original 83 case vignettes. 
Participants in this next research group—experienced spiritual caregivers and students alike—will emulate the qualities of the above mentioned five most effective caregivers while following a six-step procedure in their interventions for the study. A minimum of 80 chaplains, community clergy, lay volunteers, and/or CPE students is needed.Your help will be most appreciated! 
Contact Rev. John (Jack) Gleason DMin BCC (retired), ACPE Supervisor Emeritus, at to ask questions and sign up. If you are a CPE Supervisor, please so indicate in your response.

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