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TITLE: Chaplain DEPARTMENT: Chaplains

RESPONSIBLE TO: Administrator

JOB SUMMARY: The Chaplains work cooperatively to evaluate, plan, and maintain the daily, weekly and special religious and spiritual programming for SVWC residents and families. The Chaplains work independently and/or together to organize, coordinate and/or conduct religious services. In addition they, provide bereavement, religious and spiritual support as needed by residents, families and staff. The position will maintain relationships with local churches in order to bring a variety of spiritual/religious programming to SVWC residents.


1. At least one chaplain should be an ordained clergy person in either the Episcopal or Presbyterian Church (USA). All chaplains must be ordained and in good standing with their domination.
2. Must have a Bachelor Degree from an accredited college and a Master?s Degree from an accredited seminary.
3. Four units of clinical pastoral education preferred.
4. Must be bonded to perform marriage in the State of Virginia or eligible to perform single ceremonies.
1. Support the mission and purpose of SVWC.
2. Present a professional, caring image, and respond in a patient, courteous, and cooperative manner to residents, staff and public.
3. Pre-employment and annual Tuberculosis testing as required by Virginia State Licensure.
4. Must attend annual mandatory inservices required by the State Licensure and all other mandatory inservices and/or meetings required by other regulatory agencies and/or by SVWC.
5. Follow and support the policies and procedures established by SVWC.
6. Ensure the privacy and confidentiality of resident data, and report any violations.
7. Must be willing to respond to emergencies when needed and available.

1. Assess the religious and spiritual needs of the residents, when moved or in the process of moving to another level of care or when there is a significant status change. Record such visitation.
2. Plan and maintain a timely visitation program for hospice, comfort care and dying residents and those referred by Nursing or Social Worker. Record of such visits should be made in the resident?s medical record.
3. Provide bereavement counseling to residents, families and staff. Write letters or make phone calls to families who are bereaved when appropriate.
4. Conduct funeral and memorial services, whenever possible, when requested by the resident?s family, or staff; attend funeral or memorial service of a resident (within a reasonable radius of SVWC).
5. Provide educational seminars and in-services annually or as needed for staff.
6. Actively recruit, screen, authorize, supervise and evaluate area clergy, church councils, religious leaders and teachers to provide religious programs for SVWC residents.
7. Plan, develop, coordinate and/or conduct weekly and special event religious services, Bible studies, devotional periods (such as a daily morning or evening prayer), support groups and educational programs.
8. Keep residents informed of religious programming through direct interaction, brochures, activity sheets, email/telephone updates, and other reminders. Scheduling of religious programming is to be coordinated with all appropriate departments.
9. Oversight of preparation of bulletins for religious activities when appropriate.
10. Provide religious, spiritual and pastoral care support for the residents, families and staff as appropriate, and/or coordinate and assist residents with contacting other area clergy as requested.
11. Offer prayers and blessings at meetings and meals when requested and available
12. Serve on or lead the Ethics Committee, Interdisciplinary Team and Employee Emergency Fund committee.
13. Performs marriages as requested (within the parameters of a pastor?s right to refuse).
14. Keep the administration and supervisor apprised of pertinent problems or concerns, within confidentiality parameters.
15. Submit annual budget requests as well as expense reports, purchase order travel requests to the Administrator.
16. Develop and annually update such policies and procedures as may be required for chaplaincy services.
17. Annually develops a written plan for the improvement of chaplaincy services at SVWC to be reviewed/supplemented/approved by the Administrator.
18. Advocate for chaplaincy services and physical needs to the Administrator.
19. Convene, ad hoc groups of residents, staff and clergy to assist in addressing particular spiritual/religious issues that may arise from time to time.
20. Performs other duties as assigned.

Category D: The person holding this position understands Universal Precautions Risk Classification categories apply to this position and the individual may be exposed to AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis B viruses. Tasks that involve no exposure to Blood, Body Fluids, or Tissues. The normal work routine involves no exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues (although situations can be imagined or hypothesized under which anyone, anywhere, might encounter potential exposure to body fluids.)
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform his/her essential functions.
? Must be able to visually identify and discern printed words on either typewritten pages or computer screen.
? Must be able to identify and differentiate colors.
? Must have depth perception within normal ranges.


? Must be able to respond to spoken words and other auditory sounds including the ringing of telephone or beepers and monitors.
? Must be able to respond and communicate orally by telephone.


? Must be able to push and maneuver a wheelchair occupied by a person.


? Must be able to use, operate and interpret information from equipment in work area.


? Must be able to verbally communicate in the English language directly and over the telephone and be understood.


? Must have mobility for all parts of the body, walking, bending, lifting, reaching above head and use of hands.
? Must be able to stand and/or mobilize by walking for 20% of an 8 hour shift.
? Some tasks may require sitting for 80% of the work day.
? Must have manual dexterity, fine motor skills (typing, computer, etc.)


? Must be able to work under stress
? Must be able to work extra hours (and some employees work rotation or on-call schedules.)
? Must be able to deal with verbally and physically combative residents.


? Must have mental capacity to fulfill the requirements of the job including problem solving, logic, communication and numerical calculations.
? Must be able to read and understand written instructions in English.
? Must be able to write clearly (in English).
? Accurate recall and memory.
? Must be able to use judgment in making decisions and choices.
? Ability to analyze numbers and make basic mathematical calculations.
Position: Chaplain
Organization: Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury
Location: Winchester, VA
Date Posted: 11/6/2019
For more information email:
For more information visit:
Status: This listing expires on: 1/5/2020
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Organization Information
Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury
300 Westminster Canterbury Dr

Winchester , VA  22603
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