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New Membership Survey

Dear APC Members,
The Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) has undertaken a major research study to understand how to better serve our members. 
To be successful in this effort, we have contracted with a company that specializes in surveys for associations like APC.  We have entered into this arrangement to ensure that respondents have anonymity in their answers and to ensure that the data we collect can be organized into clear and actionable items.
To encourage our members to participate, everyone who completes this survey on or before Friday, September 29, 2017 will be entered into a drawing for a $100 American Express gift card.  Association Metrics will draw a name and send it APC.
The survey will take about 10 minutes. However, it is not necessary to complete this survey at one sitting.  You can leave the survey at any time and return to the spot where you left off by clicking on your link again.
All responses will be sent directly to the 3rd party research firm (Association Metrics) and not to APC.
If you experience any difficulties completing the survey, please contact Larry Seibert at Association Metrics at  
Thank you, 
Association of Professional Chaplains
In partnership with Association Metrics