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90-Minute Workshops

More than 50 workshops will be offered over four different time slots during the conference. These educational sessions offer a breadth of topics while not sacrificing depth of content.

This year’s presenters are among the foremost experts in research, clinical expertise, evidence-based best practices, diversity and professionalism within the field of chaplaincy.




Friday, July 13, 2018
11:15 am - 12:45 pm
FR1.01 Advanced Chaplain Practitioner: A New Position Model for Shaping Chaplaincy in the New Age of Healthcare
Presenter: Steven Rice MDiv BCC 
FR1.02 Chaplains as Midwives to Reorientation: A Narrative Approach to Pastoral Care
Presenter: Fred Grewe DMin BCC
FR1.03 Prophets and Pastors: Long Term Care Chaplains Balancing the Call To Be Both 
(Session Cancelled)
Presenter: Rev. Dale R. Carr MDiv MBA BCC
FR1.05 Analyzing Chaplain Interventions: Presentation and Analysis of a Performance Improvement Initiative 
Presenter: Timothy Ford MA MS 
FR1.06 The Spirituality and Science of Self-Compassion
Presenter: Anne Kertz Kernion MA
FR1.07 What is a Chaplain Doing in my Doctor's Office? Quality of Life Outcomes in Embedded Spiritual/Palliative Care in Outpatient Oncology
(Session is full)
Presenter: Rev. Katie Pakos Rimer MDiv EdD BCC
FR1.08 Inter-professional Shared Decision Making: Chaplains as Partners
(Session is full)
Presenter: M. Jeanne Wirspa MA BCC
FR1.09 Integrating Chaplains into Ethics Services
(Session is full)
Presenter: Sarah Stockey DHCE
FR1.10 Spiritual and Religious Coping of Medical Decision Makers for Hospitalized Older Adult Patients
Presenter: Saneta Maiko PhD MS BCC
FR1.11 Simplifying Research: Observations and Advice from a Chaplain Who Chairs an IRB
Presenter: Dane R. Sommer DMin MDiv BCC
FR1.12 Artifying Spiritual Care: New Modalities for the 21st Century
Presenter: Saundra Shanti MA
FR1.13 Compassion-Centered Spiritual Health: Insights from CBCT®, Emory University's Program in Compassion Training
Presenter: Maureen Shelton MDiv
FR1.14 Conversations about Life and Death: Reflections of a Chaplain and Physician on End-of-Life Care
Presenter: Rev. Dr. Judith Silva MDiv DMin

Saturday, July 14, 2018
10:15 am - 11:45 am 
SA1.01 Spirituality and Organ Donation 
Presenter: Rev. Hazel R. Thomas MDiv BCC 
SA1.02 Spiritual Care Groups in a Psychiatric Setting
Presenter: Lisa Gonzales-Barnes MASF MDiv BCC 
SA1.03 National Consensus Project Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care (new 2018 edition)
(Session is full)
Presenter: Gwynn Sullivan MSN
SA1.04 Racial Equity in Healthcare
(Session is full)
Presenter: Rev. M. Alexandra George MDiv BCC 
SA1.05 Community Partnerships and Cultural Humility: Keys for Intercultural Spiritual Care
Presenter: Rev. Andrea Cano MDiv BCC
SA1.06 Best Practices in the Spiritual Care of Transgender Patients
Presenter: Rabbi Jo Hirschmann MAHL BCC 
SA1.07 Remembering Spirituality: Spiritual Care Interventions for Persons with Dementia
(Session is full)
Presenter: Rev. Dr. Cindy R Wallace DMin BCC 
SA1.08 A Chaplain's Care as a Member of an Interdisciplinary Treatment Team Caring for Mothers (and their Babies) with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety  
Presenter: Rev. Dorothy S. Symonds MDiv CT BCC   
SA1.09 Spiritual Care in the Ambulatory Setting: Multidisciplinary Collaboration as the Key to Success
Presenter: Kathy Bohley MDiv BCC 
SA1.10 Integrating Spirituality in Interdisciplinary Team Practice: Lessons from Palliative Care
Presenter: Denise Hess MDiv BCC-HPCC 
SA1.11 Leading Spiritual Exploration Groups
Presenter: Ann Tyndall MDiv BCC 
SA1.12 Bereavement Follow-Up Care and Quality Improvement Research: Chaplains Can Do Both
(Session is full)
Presenter: Chuck Christie MDiv BCC 
SA1.13 The Role of Shadowing in Chaplain Education: Report of a Study Among Palliative Care Chaplains
(Session is full)
Presenter: Karen Pugliese MA BCC 
SA1.14 Transforming Chaplaincy Rountable: A Review of the Emerging Research in the Field
Presenter: Geila Rajaee MDiv BCC 
SA1.15 The 30-Minute Shift: Interdisciplinary Narrative Practice Groups
Presenter: Paul Galchutt MDiv BCC 

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
SA2.01 Troops 101: Helping Our Troops Come Home
Presenter: Dr. Gordon D. Ritchie DMin BCC
SA2.02 The Catholic Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick: What's it About, for Whom and When
Presenter: Rev. Richard W. Bauer MM MDiv MSW 
SA2.03 Strength on the Fringes: Building Diversity in Chaplaincy Staff
Presenter: Stephen Weisser MDiv BCC 
SA2.04 Chaplain, What do I Need to Know About Hmong/Yup’ik/Orthodox Old Believer patients? – Improving Cross Cultural Competency
Presenter: Rev. Susan Halvor BCC MDiv 
SA2.05 Crossing the Border: Developing a Justice Based Approach to Pastoral Care for the Future in Partnership with Immigrants, Persons of Color and the Incarcerated
(Session is full)
Presenter: Rev. Dr. Judith Silva MDiv DMin
SA2.06 Exploring Best Practices in Documentation: The Case of Palliative Care
Presenter: Rev. Katie Pakos Rimer MDiv EdD BCC
SA2.07 All I Need is a Miracle: Responding to the Hope for a Miracle in Health Care Settings
Presenter: Trevor Bibler PhD
SA2.08 Logged in or Locked Out: Fostering Therapeutic Communication in the Cellular Age
(Session is full)
Presenter: Bernard Jorn MDiv MEd BCC LMHC 
SA2.10 Translating Spiritual Care into Integrated Primary Care Settings
(Session is full)
Presenter: Danielle Worthington PhD LCP 
SA2.11 Spirituality as an Inherently Psychological Process: Integrating Evidence Based Practices from the Field of Psychology to Create Effective Pastoral Interventions
(Session is full)
Presenter: Chaplain Michael Sibley  MDiv BCC 
SA2.12  Evaluating the Impact of Chaplain Care on End-of-Life Outcomes in the ICU
Presenter: George Fitchett MDiv PhD BCC 
SA2.13 The Post-Code Pause and Beyond
(Session is full)
Presenter: Elizabeth Schultz MAPS BCC 

Sunday, July 15, 2018
8:15 am - 9:45 am
SU1.01 Measureable Metrics for Pastoral Care Departments
(Session is full)
Presenter: Becky Baile Crouse DMin MDiv BCC 
SU1.02 Using Art with Pediatric Palliative Care Patients/Families to Facilitate Spiritual Exploration
Presenter: Kirstin Springmeyer MDiv BCC
SU1.03 Meaning Making and the Patient Story: Narrative Medicine and Spiritual Assessment
(Session is full)
Presenter: Anne Windholz PhD MDiv BCC
SU1.04 Unquenchable Hope: Understanding the Spiritual Underpinnings of End-of-Life Conflicts for African-American Families in Critical Care
(Session is full)
Presenter: Lauren Frazier-McGuin MDiv BCC ACPE-CE
SU1.05 Developing a Transgender Patient Care Policy
Presenter: Anthony Eggleston MDiv BCC 
SU1.06 Aid in Dying and End-of-Life Options - Chaplaincy Practice in States where Physician Assisted Dying is Legal
Presenter: Allison Kestenbaum MA MPA BCC 
SU1.07 Chaplain Facilitated Advance Care Planning in Physician's Medical Practice Offices
Presenter: Aoife Lee DMin BCC 
SU1.08 Storying: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
(Session is full)
Presenter: Rod Accardi DMin BCC 
SU1.09 How Our Multi-Faith Covenant Creates Joy in Working Together in a Sacred Place  
Presenter: Bronwen Jones BMus 
SU1.10 Spirituality in the Context of Vicarious Trauma
Presenter: Beth Muehlhausen PhD MDiv BCC
SU1.11 Integrating Research Literacy into Spiritual Care Education and Practice
Presenter: Christina Shu MDiv BCC
SU1.12 Grieving at the Gate
Presenter: Dr. Malachia Brantley Jr. DMin 
SU1.13 Role Development Interruption: The Chaplain Gets Cancer
Presenter: Kathleen Baughman MDiv BCC