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New Resource: The Impact of Professional Spiritual Care

APC Forum, November 2018, Vol. 20 No.7

APC is excited to have colaborated with our Strategic Partners to bring our members and the healthcare community the following resource related to spiritual care.  Please help us by sharing the following message with your colleagues and spreading the word about this important contribution to the ongoing conversation on the role of chaplains and spiritual care providers. You can learn more about this publication in our Resources.

We are pleased to announce that you will now find on our respective websites a link to our new resource for advancing professional chaplaincy. As you know we collaborated in 2001 on the white paper, Professional Chaplaincy: Its Role and Importance in Healthcare. Since then our respective associations, as well as other associations, have published a variety of very helpful resources and research on professional spiritual care. 
This current resource, entitled The Impact of Professional Spiritual Care, has been co-authored and co-published by the our five associations to provide you the most current expressions of and research on the profession of chaplaincy and spiritual care in the United States and Canada in a very accessible and readable format so that you can utilize the materials for yourself, and for your staffs, associates, and executives to explain and advocate for our profession.
This flip book format, versus a typical pdf format of a white paper, will allow us to continue to update materials as they become relevant, as well as aid you in using them. 
We are committed with you to strengthen and advance the profession for the benefit of the care-recipients we serve.
ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care & Education
Association of Professional Chaplains
Canadian Association for Spiritual Care/Association canadienne de soins spirituels, 
National Association of Catholic Chaplains
Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains


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