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2017 Annual Leadership Awards

APC Annual Leadership Awards were presented on June 22 & 24, 2017 at the 2017 APC Annual Conference in Houston, TX during the Grand Banquet and Member Recognition Luncheon programs. Congratulations to this year's award recipients:

We extend our gratitude to these individuals for their contributions to professional chaplaincy and the Association of Professional Chaplains.

Retired Chaplain Award
Clark S. Aist, MDiv STM PhD

The Retired Chaplain Award is given to a retired member who has made significant contributions in retirement to the field of chaplaincy care or to APC as an organization.  Our recipient for 2017 is Clark S. Aist who has provided leadership and dedicated loyalty to our profession and to our membership organization throughout his career and into retirement.

While retired, Aist continues to hold the title of Director Emeritus of Chaplain Services and Rehabilitation Services from Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC where he spent most of his professional career.  Chaplain Aist holds several advanced degrees including Master of Sacred Theology from Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology from the American University in Washington, DC. 

In addition to Chaplain Aist’s accomplished career he has served the profession with distinction in a number of significant volunteer positions beginning in 1976.  In addition to his time with APC, Chaplain Aist has served in several important roles within the Association of Mental Health Clergy (preceding organization of APC) including as the President of the association (1978-80) and the AMHC Representative to Joint Issues in Pastoral Care Organization and the AMHC’s and later the APC’s Liaison to the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

As Liaison representative to the APA, Aist collaborated with their Religion and Psychiatry Committee in establishing what became the Oskar Pfister Award and Lecture in Religion and Psychiatry which was inaugurated in 1983.  The Oskar Pfister Award is presented annually at the APA’s Annual Meeting which Chaplain Aist regularly attends.  He continues to serve as the APC’s co-sponsor of the award and co-chair of the Pfister award session.   We are grateful for his continued strong commitment to APC. 

Anton Boisen Professional Service Award
Chaplain, Major Rev. Dr. Dallas Little, BCC

The Distinguished Service Award is given to an individual or organization who may or may not be a member of the Association of Professional Chaplains, and who has exemplified or promoted the standards of professional chaplaincy.  The 2017 recipient is Rev. Dr. Dallas Little, BCC, whose credentials are only outmatched by his dedication to professional chaplaincy.  Chaplain Little’s professional goals have centered on raising the standard of care among chaplains and to promote their life-long commitment to professional standards in the field.  He continues to pursue this lofty aim through his work in the United States Air Force by increasing access of CPE training to rural-based military chaplains who previously did not have access to this training.  Thanks to Major Dallas’s efforts, more of these chaplains are now pursuing additional CPE units as well as board certification in chaplaincy. 
For the last 16 years Major Little has served as an active duty chaplain in the United States Air Force.  His postings and assignments have earned him recognition from his colleagues for his knowledge, understanding and accomplishments in the field of chaplaincy. Earlier this year Major Little has moved from his position at the Joint Base, Andrews MD to Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota along with his wife Janice and their two children Trevor and Zoe.  Later this year Major Little will be receiving a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  
Rev. Little is an Ordained Elder in the Alabama-West Florida Conference, United Methodist Church.  His education includes Master of Arts in Pastoral and Spiritual Care from Iliff School of Theology as well as a Master of Divinity from Emory University and a Doctor of Ministry from Drew University.  Rev. Little has also served as Adjunct faculty at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado. 
In nominating him for this award, Colonel Ira Campbell, DMin BCC said this about Major Little “Chaplain Little models professional chaplaincy though his calm ministry of presence and his deliberate, extensive development of programs that advance his field of expertise.  His leading-edge work is worthy of celebration and wide emulation.”

Anton Boisen Professional Service Award
Daniel H. Grossoehme DMin MS BCC & Susan L. Jelinek MDiv BCC

The Anton Boisen Professional Service Award is presented to board certified chaplains of the APC who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in professional chaplaincy and make unique contributions to contemporary chaplaincy care.  This year, we honor Chaplains Daniel H. Grossoehme and Susan L. Jelinek for their novel approach through teamwork in providing chaplaincy care to transgender youths and their parents. They’re work demonstrates how research and clinical care can actively work together for the best outcome for patients and family spiritual care.

Chaplain Grossoehme holds a Doctorate of Ministry from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and serves as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Pulmonary Medicine) and Staff Chaplain III in the Department of Pastoral Care at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Previously Grossoehme was the Director of Chaplaincy Services at Akron Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio.  As an active member of the APC, Chaplain Grossoehme has served in several important volunteer leadership roles including Area Certification Chair, Conference Planning Committee, Chair of the Commission on Quality in Pastoral Services and Chair of the Joint Research Council as well as a member of the APC Board of Directors.

Susan L. Jelinek, MDiv BCC holds a Masters in Divinity from Eden Seminary in Saint Louis, Missouri and is also a Staff Chaplain III in the Department of Pastoral Care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has previously held positions at St. Catherine Hospital in East Chicago, Indiana and La Porte Hospital in La Porte, Indiana.  Chaplain Jelinek has an extensive list of service and accomplishments with APC including her work as co-Chair of the APC LGBT and Ally Committee, the APC sub-committee on Best Practices, a member, convener and presenter for Board Certification Committees.  

In addition to their selfless work for APC and BCCI®, these two chaplains have made impressive contributions to their field.  One nominator described their impact on the profession this way, “Without a doubt, professional chaplaincy as we know it today has benefited greatly from the work of Chaplain Grossoehme and Chaplain Jelinek.” – Karen Behm, MDiv BCC, Staff Chaplain I, Department of Pastoral Care, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.