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2013 Leadership Awards

APC® congratulates Wendy Cadge, Susan Wintz, Melanie Childers and Emanuel Williams, leadership award recipients for 2013. Awards were presented on June 29, 2013 at the 2013 APC Annual Conference at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, FL during the Grand Banquet and Member Recognition Luncheon programs.

In addition, the Oskar Pfister Award, given by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in collaboration with APC, will be presented to Marc Galanter MD at at the APA Institute on Psychiatric Services meeting, Oct. 10-13, 2013, in Philadelphia, PA.

We extend our gratitude to these individuals for their contributions to professional chaplaincy and the Association of Professional Chaplains®.

Distinguished Service Award
Wendy Cadge

The Distinguished Service Award is given to an individual and/or organization who may or may not be a member of the Association of Professional Chaplains®, and who either has exemplified or promoted the standards of professional chaplaincy. Our recipient for 2013, Wendy Cadge, not only supports and promotes chaplaincy but also exemplifies our professional standards.

Wendy Cadge is an associate professor in the Sociology Department at Brandeis University. She received her bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College with majors in religion, sociology and anthropology, and her master’s and doctorate degrees in sociology from Princeton University.

She teaches and writes about religion in the contemporary United States, especially as related to medicine, immigration and sexuality. She has spent time at hospitals, APC conferences and at the national office, researching, observing and talking with professional chaplains, adding to her field of study of hospital chaplaincy.

“We truly appreciate the fact that she is not ‘one of us,’ yet truly champions for our place in the society of professions,” says a chaplain.

In 2010, Dr. Cadge presented her research at the APC conference. Her plenary address, “Hospital Chaplains: Listening to What They Say and Watching What They Do,” challenged participants and suggested ways hospital chaplains might close the gap between perception and reality as part of continuing to develop as a profession. In 2012, APC invited her to speak again at our conference This time, her address, “Chaplaincy After Pluralism: Engaging in the Big Professional Picture,” compared the relatively young chaplaincy profession with other health care professions. She spoke of successful and unsuccessful ways in which chaplains have made the case for the profession over the years, and gave practical examples of how we can collaborate within our profession to affect change on behalf of those we serve.

“That Dr. Cadge has been a plenary speaker at two of our past three national conventions speaks to our perception of her contribution to the field and her ability to instruct and inspire us,” says another chaplain. “She has made a compelling case for our future and even laid out some of the stepping stones for that journey.”

Dr. Cadge’s new book, “Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine” was released by the University of Chicago Press in January 2013. “With ‘Paging God,’ Professor Cadge aims to open a conversation about the intersection between highly technical medical practice and the diverse religious realities faced by chaplains every day,” says a colleague. “Based on deep respect and high expectations, her research will shape future public discussion, both of religion and of health care.”

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Anton Boisen Professional Service Award
Rev. Susan K. Wintz MDiv BCC

The Anton Boisen Professional Service Award is given to a board certified chaplain who has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in professional chaplaincy and made unique contributions to contemporary chaplaincy care. This year, we honor the Reverend Susan K. Wintz BCC, consultant for Chaplaincy Care Practice and Leadership and Plain Views managing editor at HealthCare Chaplaincy in New York City. A leader and educator, she has advanced excellence in chaplaincy throughout her career.

With a master of divinity degree from Dubuque Theological Seminary and endorsed by Presbyterian Church (USA), Rev. Wintz joined APC in 1997 and was granted board certified chaplain status in 2000. She has more than 30 years of experience in professional ministry, including as consultant; educator; writer; chaplain in academic and regional medical centers, community hospitals and hospice; and as pastor and co-pastor of congregations.

Rev. Wintz has served the profession in local and national leadership roles, and is a past president of APC. She used those roles as an opportunity to demonstrate the important service of professional chaplains and advance their involvement with other health care professionals and organizations.

“One of Sue’s ‘specialties’ is getting seats at tables where professional chaplains have never been before,” says a colleague.

As past chair of the Commission on Quality in Pastoral Services, she represented APC at Joint Commission meetings, forming key relationships there. This eventually led to her contributions to the book, “Providing Culturally and Linguistically Comptetent Health Care” and her participation on the Expert Advisory Panel for culturally competent standards for patient-centered care, both of which include the role of professional chaplains on the health care team. In addition, she became involved with the American Medical Association and served as the only chaplain on the reviewer panel for  “Improving Communication – Improving Care.”

Having trained and taught Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy with Art Lucas, its creator, Chaplain Wintz emphasizes outcomes, standardized practice and continuious quality improvement, and these have become the hallmarks of her leadership.

“Sue has offered extraordinary gifts to our profession through her publication, teaching, liaison and advocacy work,” says another colleague. “These have coincided with years of capable service to APC on the Personnel Committee, as chair of the quality commission, member of the Standards of Practice Work Group and president through a couple of years of unprecedented challenges for the organization. Her editorial leadership of Plain Views continues to make a unique and valuable contribution to contemporary chaplaincy care.”

Photo Caption: APC President Valerie R. Storms BCC (left) and Membership Committee Member Melanie Childers BCC (right) present the Anton Boisen Professional Service Award to Susan K. Wintz BCC.

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Outstanding Local Leadership Award
Melanie D. Childers BCC

The Outstanding Local Leadership Award is given to a member in good standing who has exhibited outstanding dedication to and promotion of APC through active involvement at the local level. For 2013, APC presents this award to the Reverend Melanie D. Childers BCC, who has served as the BCCI® Area 6 certification chair since 2010. Previously, she served on the APC Board of Directors as chair of the Communications and Publications Council from 2004-2007.

Her calm, professional demeanor, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills are just a few reasons Rev. Childers is a valued leader for certification committee members and candidates alike.

Says one colleague, “She is tireless in shepherding the process and candidates through the many details from beginning to end – recruiting the committee members, serving as an intermediary between candidates and committee members, and responding to the many questions candidates and committee members may ask.”

She has organized as many as six committees each year, seeing as many as four candidates per committee. Last year, she even assisted another area in assembling committees when, at the last minute, they fell short of enough committee members to interview all of the candidates.

“In the time that I have known Chaplain Melanie Childers, I have seen a chaplain who exemplifies the heart and soul of the chaplaincy vocation,” says another colleague. “She is accepting and respectful of all, and always ready to help in any way she can. I am proud to have served with her.”

Melanie Childers is the director of pastoral care at Watauga Medical Center in Boone, NC. A board certified chaplain endorsed by the United Church of Christ, she also is a licensed professional counselor. She received her master’s in community counseling from Appalachian State University and her master of divinity from Southern Seminary.

Caption: APC Membership Committee Member Teresa McIlwain BCC (left) and President Valerie Storms BCC (center) present the Outstanding Local Leadership Award to Melanie Childers BCC (right).

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Retired Chaplain Award
Chaplain Emanuel Williams BCC

The Retired Chaplain Award is given to a retired member who has made significant contributions in retirement to the field of chaplaincy care or to APC as an organization. Our recipient for 2013 is Chaplain Emanuel Williams BCC, who has provided leadership and dedicated loyalty to our profession and to our membership organization throughout his career and into retirement.

An honorary life retired board certified chaplain member of APC, Chaplain Williams began his ministry after retiring from the US Army as a lieutenant colonel. In 1988, he was one of the first African-American pastors to be ordained by the Georgia District of the Assemblies of God. That same year, he was named lead chaplain at Georgia Baptist Medical Center. He joined APC in 1990 and was granted board certified chaplain status in 1991. Since then, Chaplain Williams has been a source of support, knowledge and encouragement to others seeking board certification.

In 2002,  Williams retired from full-time hospital chaplaincy and joined the Chaplaincy Department at the national offices of the Assemblies of God, becoming the first chaplain appointed to the position of health care representative. In this capacity, he worked toward the goal of raising the standards for AOG health care chaplains. As the AOG Religious Endorsing Body representative, he mentored chaplains and chaplain candidates in preparation for endorsement and then encouraged them to continue pursuit of board certification. Those who were ineligible for board certification, he mentored to meet those standards and follow through to become board certified. He conducted workshops at AOG conferences on board certification and established the AOG faith group breakfast at APC annual conferences. He then went on to encourage those he’d mentored to become involved in APC, serve as leaders and mentor others.

“After retirement, his passion for chaplaincy did not diminish but was strengthened as he sought ways to encourage others in their journey toward professional chaplaincy,” says a colleague. “He has become a chaplain’s chaplain.”

Caption: APC Membership Committee Member Amy Karriker BCC and President Valerie Storms BCC present the APCTM Retired Chaplain Award to Emanuel L. Williams BCC.

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Oskar Pfister Award
Marc Galanter MD

The Oskar Pfister Award honors the Rev. Pfister, a distinguished colleague who promoted the dialog between psychiatry and religion. This award is presented to an individual who is dedicated to continuing that dialog. This award is given by the Committee on Religion and Psychiatry of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in collaboration with the Association of Professional Chaplains.

The 2013 Oskar Pfister Award will be presented to Marc Galanter MD at at the APA Institute on Psychiatric Services meeting, Oct. 10-13, 2013, in Philadelphia, PA.

A professor of psychiatry at NYU, Marc Galanter MD a has served as founding director of its Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. He is senior editor of the journal Substance Abuse, and co-editor of the American Psychiatric Association’s "Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment." He has written three books, “Cults: Faith, Healing, and Coercion,” “Network Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Abuse” and “Spirituality and the Healthy Mind,” and published over 200 peer-reviewed articles. His NIH and foundation-funded studies have addressed spirituality in healthcare, network therapy for substance abuse, pharmacologic treatment for addiction and the psychology of Twelve-Step recovery. Among his awards are the Gold Achievement Award for innovation in clinical care and the Seymour Vestermark Award for Psychiatric Education, both from the American Psychiatric Association; New York State’s Award for Psychiatric Research; and the Brinkley Smithers Award for Research from the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

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