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Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

Serving in leadership is one of the most important ways for members to contribute to the work and mission of APCTM. Each member has gifts and talents that can contribute to the ongoing success of our organization. In exchange for your time and your support, you will develop leadership skills that will benefit you both professionally and personally. Volunteering is just as easy as it is rewarding. As a volunteer, you can:
  • Contribute to professional and organizational issues
  • Exercise new leadership, teambuilding and communication skills
  • Network intimately with experts and thought leaders in professional chaplaincy
  • Design “by members, for members” programming
  • Receive complimentary leadership training and information
  • Engage fellow members in meaningful dialogue
  • Work collaboratively in order to foster a spirit of innovation and creativity
  • Learn from diverse people and viewpoints
  • Contribute firsthand to knowledge creation
Past board members have said that when they began volunteering for APCTM, their knowledge of the profession grew, and so did their passion for our organization and its mission.

Nominations, including self-nominations, are sought from the general membership. Vacant positions are announced in APCTM Forum.

Click here to watch a video about how to get involved with APCTM

State Leadership Opportunities

Our goal is to assure a network of leaders who represent the diversity of our membership and are equipped with the resources to effectively serve our members.

For members interested in serving as a local leader, position descriptions for each leadership position are available outlining the duties of each position. To apply, please submit an Application for Appointment Form (DOC).

National Leadership Opportunities

Members may apply for an appointed position as a member of a Committee or Task Force. Please review the Leadership section of this website to explore the many volunteer leadership opportunities APCTM offers. We invite you to submit an Application for Appointment Form (DOC) for the position that suits your talents and interests. For more information about a particular position and its duties/responsibilities, please contact the chair of that group or the national office.

Board of Directors
Nominations, including self-nominations, for these positions are sought from the general membership. According to his or her position, each director serves a three-year term of office and must be willing to commit the time for this national leadership role. The secretary serves one year as secretary, one year as treasurer, one year as president-elect and one year as president, for a total of four years. Available positions are announced in APCTM Forum.

Nomination Form (DOC)
Position Descriptions and Nomination Process