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Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy

Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy, published quarterly by Taylor & Francis, includes peer-reviewed, scholarly articles on topics pertinent to pastoral care, clinical pastoral education, chaplaincy and spirituality in relation to physical and mental health. Articles are based on original research, quality improvement studies, descriptions of programs and interventions, program/intervention evaluations, and literature reviews.

Each APC® member receives a complimentary electronic subscriptions to JHCC as a benefit of membership. Members must be logged into this site to access the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy.

Article Submission

Submit manuscripts for the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy electronically to the Editor: Kevin Flannelly, at . Each manuscript must be accompanied by a statement that it has not been published elsewhere and that it has not been submitted simultaneously for publication elsewhere. Please see additional instructions for authors on the journal's website.

To help you prepare your manuscript for publication in the journal, we highly recommend the following articles.

Keys to Knowledge: Searching and Reviewing the Literature Relevant to Chaplaincy
by Kevin J. Flannelly, Katherine R. B. Jankowski and Helen P. Tannenbaum
Chaplaincy Today, Vol. 27 No. 1, Spring/Summer 2011

Writing for Research: A Step-by-step Guide to Content, Organization and Presentation
by Alexander Tartaglia BCC, Diane Dodd-McCue and Paul Derrickson BCC
Chaplaincy Today, Vol. 28 No. 2, Autumn/Winter 2012